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5 Best Products For Arthritis In Hands

5 Best Products For Arthritis In Hands
Shweta Chaubey

Arthritic hands are a phenomenon so common that studies suggest that osteoarthritis of hands affects every 4 in 10 Americans. There can be many possible factors behind the development of hand arthritis, such as natural aging, genetics, or repetitive stress on the hands. Unfortunately, there is no cure for arthritic hands. However, there are some of the best products for arthritis in hands that can reduce and relieve pain and help one live a better-quality lifestyle.  

What is Arthritis? 

Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints, characterized by throbbing pain, swelling, warmth, and cysts. The most frequently encountered types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis; however, there are almost 100 types of arthritis. 

Anatomy of the Hand 

The human hand is an art of astonishment that features 27 bones, 27 joints, heaps of muscles, and more than a hundred ligaments and tendons. These hard and soft tissues facilitate our mundane and regular activities such as grabbing, grasping, writing, opening jars, and many others. But they can also experience wear-and-tear damage over time due to overuse. 

Anatomy of the Hand

What is Hand Arthritis? 

Arthritis of the hand is the occurrence of frequent episodes of burning or dull pain, inflammation, and swelling in the hand joints. Arthritis can develop due to various causes and in many areas of the hand and wrist.  

The hand and wrist have several small joints that produce motion. This motion enables a person to carry out all the movements and functions, even the finest motion required for needle threading or tying a shoelace.  

When a joint is affected by arthritis, daily living activities become difficult. Untreated arthritis of the hand can lead to the deterioration of hand bones over time and cause excessive pain and limited motion.  

5 Best Products for Arthritis in Hands 

1. Compression Gloves 

Compression gloves form an integral part of arthritis in hand treatment. These gloves support circulation and manage the tingling pain in the hands. Compression gloves lightly squeeze the veins in the hands and promote blood circulation, which gets hampered due to hand arthritis. They also prevent inflammation that leads to severe joint pain while using the hands.   

Norco Compression Glove relieves soft tissue swelling and arthritic joint pain by providing warmth and compression. It is constructed of smooth nylon Lycra with seams on the outside to help with edema and arthritis. The cuff of this compression glove has an open slit for simple application and a non-constricting fit. 


2. Reachers 

Reaching for things becomes difficult for people with arthritic hands. The constant joint pain and inflammation can trouble one when doing daily living chores. Reachers help people with limited ROM to grab things beyond their reach. Reaching tools come in different styles and for a variety of purposes.  

Sammons Preston Reachers are designed for picking up objects. This FSA-approved reacher features a serrated, highly visible colored jaw and flexible foam rubber tip that conforms to the contours of any object, working together to ensure a firm, secure grip. Sammons Preston grabber is ideal for those who have had surgery or are dealing with arthritic hands. 


3. Arthritis Pain Relief OTC Aids 

Over-the-counter pain medications and gel help relieve arthritis pain caused due to constant activity of the muscles and joints affected by arthritis. Pain relief cream applied to the skin over a painful joint offers a soothing effect on the aggravated hand joint. 

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel is a specifically manufactured pain reliever gel used to reduce joint stiffness for a comfortable and enhanced ROM. Biofreeze offers a fast-acting and long-lasting effect. Apart from arthritis, it also helps reduce muscle pain, joint pain, strains, sprains, backaches, knee pain, etc. A simple massage with Biofreeze gel provides quick relief to painful hand joints. 


4. Hand Braces 

Hand braces are often considered an effective measure in treating hand arthritis. Hand splints stabilize the aggravated hand joint while offering compression and better functionality. Arthritic hand braces also relieve inflammation and swelling and let the wearer live an active lifestyle. 

Comfort Cool Thumb Spica Splint is designed to support and provide relief to the thumb CMC Joint. It helps reduce the pain caused due to neurological conditions, median nerve injuries, or hand arthritis. CMC thumb brace covers the thumb and not the full hand to allow the fingers to function properly. Latex-Free Comfort Cool Thumb Spica Splint is made with comfortable material that is non-irritating on the skin while providing support and compression at the CMC joint to reduce pain. 


5. Hand Therapy Putty 

Performing putty exercises can help improve muscle strength and range of motion in joints. Hand therapy putty is an effective measure used in occupational therapy for those dealing with arthritic hands. Soft therapy putties are useful for relieving hand joint pain and strengthening hand muscles. 

Sammons Preston Soft Therapy Putty is essentially squeezed, stretched, twisted, or pinched to meet a wide range of strengthening needs. Thera Putty is also used to encourage heel strikes and strengthen foot muscles. It leaves no residue and will not fragment, separate, stain, or stick to skin. The bleed-proof and the non-oily formula help keep the skin clean without sticking to the skin. 


Where can I buy the best products for arthritis in hand? 

Arthritis in hands is a serious issue that can greatly and adversely affect the quality of one's life. Since 2002, Health Products For You has been your partner in health and wellness. We are a customer-centric health and medical supplies e-commerce website that offers a wide range of arthritis supplies and more, including the best products for arthritis in hands from leading names in the industry. Shop today and reap the benefits of good health and wellness.  


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