The Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support
The Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support

The Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support


The Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support relieves wrist pain, hand numbness and finger tingling due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is not a rigid immobilizing wrist brace, nor is it a common splint. It is worn during sleep as it gently stretches and reshapes soft tissue in and around the carpal tunnel and puts the base of your hand in a state of decompression. It allows people to get back to their active life styles with no downtime, no risks and no complications. It is the best thing for carpal tunnel cure.

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CTSR Carpal Solution, Right Hand 28/Pack $146.48 $109.13
CTSL Carpal Solution, Left Hand 28/Pack $146.48 $109.13


  • The Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support increases flexibility and enhances circulation
  • Relieves pressure on the median nerve
  • Flares-up without worries about downtime, restrictions in movement, or fears of the risks or complications
  • Reduces the affect on your overall health, blood pressure and good spirits due to chronic sleep loss
  • Eliminates hand pain, finger numbness and sleep interruption
  • Relieves unwanted pressure, disperse lymphatic fluids, eliminate subtle micro-swelling and allow improved circulation
  • Contributes to rapid recovery and regeneration of injured tissue at the celluar level
  • 6 Week Therapy Pack (28 nights of treatment)

More Information

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ?

The CTS is caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrist where it passes through the carpal tunnel. The incidence of CTS is three times higher in women and varies according to the work activities (up to 60 cases for every 100 workers in a particular job): in about 70% of the cases, it is bilateral and is prevalent in the dominant hand.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Treatment may be conservative or surgical.

(A) Surgery

  • This is done by cutting the ligament that forms the top of the carpal tunnel. Cutting this ligament relieves pressure on the median nerve. Any other tissue (such as a tumor) that may be putting pressure on the median nerve can also be removed during surgery.

(B) Conservative

  • Ultrasound, Ionophoresis, Laser -  can improve symptoms but do not act on the cause (repeated and prolonged bending-extension movements of the wrist).
  • Non-steroid and steroid injections: have low or limited effect over time.

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

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How long has this been in use?
How long til you get relief?
Phyllis jubelt - 1/8/2016 6:08:26 PM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us. This is a 6 Week Therapy Pack, You strap on the Carpal Solution at night before you go to sleep, and the brace works within a delicate range of tension while you rest to massage and decompress injured tissue. When you wake up in the morning, you will likely notice the Carpal Solution therapy benefits immediately.
Customer Care - 1/9/2016 12:21:39 AM
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