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A whole lot of varying types of accessories to be used with your walker. The range is vast and comprehensive to cover all your possible requirements. We have several types of tote bags, pouches and carry bags to be attached to the walker. There are trays, glide tips, pelvic stabilizers and a whole variety of baskets. All of these are quality and reliable items, having been manufactured by top names in the business like Kaye Products, Mabis DMI, Drive Medical, Invacare, Carex Health and many others. Also get from our store your arm supports and pads, adjustable mirrors, flashlights, hand grips and rails, knee slings, latch locks, platform attachments, seat covers and harness, sling support, straps, belts and much more.

What are different type of Walker Accessories?


Walker Tray allows personal items to be carried from room to room. They are easy to clean and also available with one cup holder. This walker tray is easy to install and fits most manufacturers walkers.

Glide Tips

Glides insert into the back legs of wheeled walkers to allow your walker to move smoothly over most surfaces, including grass and cement. Fits most walkers. They are easy to install.

Smartphone Holder

Smartphone Holder converts your Walker to a smart walker with adjustable hold to securely hold phones of various sizes for hands-free operation when you are on the go, it gets attached to handgrip arm with flexible extension for optimal positioning of phone.


The walker basket makes it easy to take things with you anywhere when using your walker. Basket has a generous amount of space that can hold most of the users belongings while a handy elastic strap holds items upright. It attaches quickly to fit. easy to install.


Walker wheels allow users to perform daily activities with less efforts and fewer steps. The rubber wheels allow most walkers to easily and smoothly roll over irregular surfaces.

Arm Supports and Pads

Arm supports are designed for the user to support themselves and operate a walker with their upper and forearms. When a user grip lessens, walker arm support provide a secure and stable way to maneuver a walker. Walker forearm attachments universally fit most standard and petite folding walkers.


Flashlight Tail Light is a durable light which serves as a headlight, flashing safety light and rear-facing taillight, its size and shape of beam can be changed by adjusting the lens.

Hand grips

Handle Covers provides the ultimate in comfort to the hands of walker users. heavyweight material that distributes pressure evenly over an area. Handle covers wrap around the walker hand grips and stay securely in place with a hook and loop closure.

Walker Wheels With Glides

Wheels With Two Sets Of Rear Glides convert folding walkers into a wheeled walker. It allows for eight height adjustments. Rubber wheel allows walker to roll easily and smoothly over irregular surfaces. It comes with rear glide caps and glide covers allowing use on all surfaces.

Leg Extensions

Leg Extensions increases the walker height for taller patients. Designed to fit 1" standard walker tubing. Available with eight adjustment holes to accommodate a broader range of user heights. Adjust in 1" increments.

Where to buy Walkers Accessories Online?

HPFY offers a wide range of walkers accessories such as Trays, Glide Tips, Can holders, Smartphone Holder, Baskets, Arm Supports and Pads, Flashlights, Hand grips, Handle Cover, Glides, Leg Extensions from top manufacturers like Drive Medical, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Graham-field Health Products, Kaye Products, Medline Industries. Shop Now!