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Aging in Place 101: 11 Products for Making Your Home Safer

Aging in Place 101: 11 Products for Making Your Home Safer
HPFY Staff Writer

Living on our own and maintaining our independence may seem like a pipe dream as we age and contemplate assisted living. Yes, assisted living homes have their place, but wouldn’t you love staying in the home you live in and have created wonderful memories in? Not only do assisted living facilities cut into your independence, they can be incredibly expensive. Finding ways to make homes safer so they can stay in their home allows for aging in place. At-home care for seniors is becoming more popular, but it must be done properly to ensure safety. 

At-Home Care For Seniors

We all fear aging and having to live in an assisted living/nursing home. We have all heard the horror stories!! Nursing homes or assisted living can be a haven for accidents. Some stats Nursing Home Abuse Center:

  • Between 50%-75% of nursing facility residents fall each year 
  • Approximately 1,800 deaths each year result from falls in nursing facilities 
  • Roughly 5% of US adults aged 65+ reside in nursing homes, but 20% of deaths in the same age group are result of falls in nursing facilities 

Yeah, accidents in assisted living homes are a real thing, but so is cost. According to a 2021 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the national average cost of a nursing home ranges from $7,900-$9,000 per month. Private rooms may cost as much as $1,000 more per month.

AARP states that the average annual cost of assisted living can be more than $50,000 (due to numerous factors), so this number can fluctuate. Cost aside, through the years, our homes have become the center of our family or loved one’s memories. Why can’t elder care include at-home care for seniors? I say “YES!!” Aging in place is basically a quick way of saying let’s stay at home in the house we love safely. 

11 Products For Aging In Place

If we are going to make aging in place the norm, we need to find a way to make our homes safer as we age. What’s the best way to do this? Fortunately, we here at HPFY have 11 products to make your home safe and home care for seniors the right decision. These are: 

1. Vive Metal Grab Bar

Safety and stability in the bathroom, shower, or tub are what these FSA-approved grab bars provide. Available in sizes 12” to 24” and different finishes, these grab bars can support 440 lbs. and can be installed on surfaces like fiberglass, acrylic, and ceramic tiles with additional hardware. When installed properly, they allow for safe, easy maneuvering in the home. 


2. Essential Medical Toilet Seat Riser with Removable Arms

Sitting and standing becomes difficult as we age, and the bathroom is not where we want to be unstable. This toilet seat riser is designed for individuals who have difficulty sitting/standing with a standard toilet. The raised seat makes toileting easier and maintains independence. 

Essential Medical Toilet Seat Riser With Removable Arms Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on Essential Medical Toilet Seat Riser


04/21/23 , by Leslie S. "The Toilet seat riser is very stable and simple to install. "


3. Drive Bath Mat

Slips and falls are dangerous as we age, and providing sure footing in the bath is the focus of this mat. Held securely in place using various suction cups, the soft rubber mat is easy to clean and can even be rolled up for storage. The benefits include: 

  • Creates skid-resistant surface 
  • Makes the shower/bathtub safer 
  • Mold resistant 

4. Medline Bed Assist Bar

Getting into and out of bed introduces the risk of falling. This bar provides support, stability, and security when getting in/out of bed. It features rubber tips to prevent it from sliding, and a soft grip prevents turning/slipping. It is easy to install and height adjustable while fitting beds from twin to king size. 


5. Vive Metal Shoe Horn with Leather Hand Grip

Dressing can become difficult as we age, and this long, stainless steel shoehorn makes putting your shoes on and off much easier. Stainless steel shoehorn will not bend or rust, and it prevents snags/tears in socks or hosiery. Available in two sizes (16.5” & 31.5”) allows you to eliminate the need to bend or twist to put your shoes on. 


6. Future Call Picture Care Memory Corded Amplified Phone

Being able to communicate with our elderly loved ones as they age at home is important. This large button corded telephone is available with or without a speakerphone and allows for large photos to be placed on the phone so the user can simply press the button with their loved ones' photo for auto dialing. It features a red 911 button and is hearing aid compatible. 

Future Call Picture Care Memory Corded Amplified Phone Reviews

4 Star Reviews on Future Call Picture Care Memory Corded Amplified Phone


11/19/18, by Sue, "Easy to program. Very helpful for my elderly mom to call me and her friends. It was hard for her do dial a phone quickly enough for the call to go through. She loves it!"



7. Medline Double-Tread Slippers

These slipper socks are made to prevent slips and falls due to the better grip tread. Falls are the biggest cause of fractures in elderly patients, and these economical, comfortable slippers can minimize that risk. The gentle, comfortable fit makes them ideal for extended wear anywhere in the home. This can allow our older loved ones to remain in their home and be independent!! 


8. Step2bed Bedside Adjustable Safety Step Stool

Made from durable steel and designed to aid in fall prevention, this bedside stool has rubber feet, and Velcro straps keep it from moving, making it secure and safe. The soft padded rail ensures a secure grip, minimizing the risk of falling at nighttime. Benefits of this safety step stool include: 

  • FSA Approved 
  • Motion-activated LED light 
  • Fits either side of the bed 
  • Easy to assemble 

9. Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip

Overreaching or stretching can lead to falls and fractures in the home. To safely age at home, extending reach easily can minimize this risk. This aluminum reacher is lightweight and can extend your reach from 26”-32” while only weighing between .35 lbs.-.40 lbs. The magnetic tip easily picks up magnetic objects, and the comfortable grip handle allows for secure, safe use. 


10. Scrubzz Rinse-Free Disposable Bath Sponges

A convenient option for those who are unable to take a conventional bath/shower, these pre-moistened single-use sponges are infused with a gentle, pH-balanced cleansing solution that effectively cleans and moisturizes skin. The rich and foamy lathery soap is gentle, doesn’t require rinsing, and leaves no sticky residue. 


11. Step2tub Bathtub Safety Step Stool

The bathtub can be the most dangerous thing in the bathroom. Slipping while entering/exiting can cause bone fractures and a possible hospital stay.

For safe elder care at home, this safety step provides stability in the bathroom. The non-slip rubber grip platform allows users to safely exit even when wet. It features: 

  • FSA Approved 
  • Extra-wide landing base 
  • Padded perpendicular handrails for support/security 

Aging at home can be a much more economical choice for many elderly folks, and it allows them to stay in the home they love while maintaining a sense of independence. This can allow for more social interaction with friends and family and improve our older family members' quality of life!! 

Where can I buy the best Elder Care Products online? 

Health Products For You has been your health and wellness partner since 2002. We offer various medical supplies, including products for aging in place. Explore our catalog today to find the best pick for you or your loved one. 


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