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What is a Mouth Stick?

Mouth sticks and head pointers are designed for people with limited strength and dexterity to perform activities like drawing, typing, pressing buttons, turning pages, etc. Mouth sticks are widely used assistive devices with a rubber tip at one end for better tip interaction. At the other end, a plastic or rubber feature is inserted into the mouth to control the movement of the mouth stick. Head pointer sticks are similar to mouth sticks in function, except for the fact that their stick is strapped to the head.

Whether using a mouth stick or pointer, the user makes head movements to move the device to a desired location on a touch screen, keyboard, or book to get the desired results. These assistive devices can help the user manipulate a pencil, pen, or paintbrush and make them more independent by allowing them to turn pages. They even allow you to play games or use a touchscreen computer without any assistance.

When should you use Mouth Stick & Head Pointer Assistive Technology?

Head Pointers

The head pointer for disabled is an adaptive device that is used to assist paraplegics and users with limited hand function or dexterity. It is a head brace that has a pointing device mounted on it. A person is just required to move his/her head in order to make the head wands type buttons scroll through web pages. The head pointer is worn on the head, and its extending piece reaches and engages with keyboard keys by moving the head. Its small rubber tip increases precision and accuracy while typing. The head pointer does not obstruct users' field of vision. It is adjustable and comes in different sizes to accommodate varying customer needs. Head pointer assistive technology can be used for many other tasks than just depressing keyboard keys, like dialing phone numbers or turning pages of a book.

Mouth Sticks

Mouth stick is a daily living aid that is specially designed for individuals with neurological disorders, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, or upper extremity disabilities. It is placed in the mouth and used to perform activities like turning pages, painting, pressing keyboard keys, and lifting small objects. A stick pointer also assists in interacting with touch screen objects used nowadays. It either comes with a pointer end for turning pages or with an attachment for securing objects like a pen, pencil, or paintbrush. A mouth stick provides users with better visibility and a more natural typing or writing angle. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, it is one of the most popular typing aids for the disabled.

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