Writing Aids

Writing aids are recommended for individuals who face difficulties in writing due to arthritis, limited hand or finger dexterity, or reduced grasping power. Adaptive writing tools make writing an effortless task and reduce strain by promoting proper alignment. Their unique design lets the user get a better grip on pencil or pen in order to write. Writing aids for disabled are intended to eliminate hand tremors, pain and weak grasps. These non-complex and user-friendly writing aids include a range of products like pens, holders for pens, mouth sticks and grip attachments.

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What to consider while choosing Writing Aids?

Selection of adaptive writing aids needs an individual analysis of needs and abilities. It is so because writing is a complex task and it varies from one person to another. There are some factors that need consideration before writing equipment is chosen:

  • Hand and arm position 
  • Pen or pencil grip
  • Position of chair as compared to desk
  • Height of the desk

Select from a wide range of writing aids available at HPFY, like Norco Lite-Touch Pen, Slip On Writing Aid, Norco Roll Proof Writing Grips, Bendable Telescopic Mouth Sticks, etc. These products are from various popular manufacturers like Maddak, Performance Health, Norcth Coast Medical, etc.