Arthritis is a disease of the joints. It is a common disease that can affect people of all age groups. More often it is seen in women than men. Arthritis is characterized by swelling, stiffness, pain and reduced range of motion in joints. These symptoms are not permanent. They come and go and can range from mild to severe. People who are older are more prone to this disease. Arthritis may worsen over time causing difficulty in carrying out routine functions like climbing stairs or walking. At HPFY, we have encapsulated arthritis relief products that make routine tasks easier for people with arthritis. Buy high quality arthritis aids from best manufacturers like the BSN Medical, Biotemper, Patterson Medical, Battle Creek and many more at HPFY.

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What are common types of Arthritis?

There are many different types of arthritis, some of them are explained below:


It is the most common type of arthritis that causes the protective cartilage of joint to break down hampering the movement of the affected joint. This condition may cause bones to rub against each other directly causing chronic pain. Pain may also be due to the wearing out of other joint parts like the bone, synovium and ligaments. Pain intensity varies from person to person and the amount of damage caused.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Is an autoimmune disease in which the joints and other organs are attacked by the immune system itself. Normally the immune system works to protect the body from outside entities like bacteria and viruses but in case of autoimmune disorders like RA it becomes over active and starts attacking the healthy tissue. The main damage is caused to the synovium (lining of the joints). Persistent inflammation may cause the synovium to break down over time causing permanent damage.

Psoriatic Arthritis

In psoriatic arthritis, immune system of the body attacks it, resulting in pain and inflammation. It causes arthritis by affecting the joints, enthesitis by affecting the connective tissue, and psoriasis by affecting the skin.


Fibromyalgia is a central pain syndrome, wherein the pain signals are processed differently by brain and spinal cord. Touch or movements that are not painful to others might cause you pain and movements which are painful for others might hurt you even more. It causes widespread pain, sleep problems, fatigue, and concentration issues.

Arthritis Aids for People with Arthritis

In some cases arthritis can causes permanent changes in the joints of a person which can be seen in an X-ray test. Arthritis may also affect other organs in the body like the heart, eyes, lungs or kidneys. Arthritis cannot be cured but it can be controlled. Measures can be taken to preserve bone and joint function and mobility. Some daily living aids for people with arthritis can also help.

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