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What is Obesity?

Obesity means that a person has a high percentage of body weight. Weight may also come from muscle, bone, or body water. But both mean that the body weight is more than what should be the healthy weight in accordance to the height. Obesity starts when a person consumes more calories than he/she can burn. The factors affecting weight include overeating, eating calorically dense foods, genetic make-up, and low physical activity. Obesity may be a cause of many health risks like diabetes, stroke, arthritis, heart disease and some types of cancers.

What is BMI (Body Mass Index)?

BMI (weight-for-height index) is a widely used tool to find out if a person is under weight, healthy or overweight. The persons with a BMI>=25 are classified as overweight. And those with BMI>=30 come under the bar of obesity.

Health Issues Related to Obesity

  • Obesity often leads to immobility. Overweight individuals are naturally at risk of skin challenges that include incontinence dermatitis, fungal infections and skin breakdown due to pressure. Wound healing is also delayed in such people. This increases the risk of infections. To protect yourself from pressure sores try the Drive Med Aire Bariatric Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System that prevents pressure ulcers.

  • It is often seen in obese people that they do not pay attention to nutrition. They eat more fast foods and processed foods instead of a nutritious diet. A diet high in calories, sugar and cholesterol may lead to illnesses like diabetes. To balance your calorie intake you must practice exercise Dumbbell can help with the same. 

  • The tremendous strain that extra body weight puts on the joints can result in conditions like chronic joint pain and arthritis. This leads to a need for joint replacements. Daily activities like walking and stair climbing also becomes difficult. You can have a difficulty in using regular toilets. Maddak Extra Wide Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms And Legs elevates the regular toilet by certain inches which is suitable for people with arthritis.

Where to buy Obesity Products Online?

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