Device Holders

Device Holders are perfect for people with limited finger dexterity and strength. They help the users with limited hand function keep their things safely at proper places. Device holders also help them hold various things in hand and perform routine activities. There are different types of device holders available including key holders, bag holders, phone holders, wrist cuffs, etc. Health Products For You offers device holders from popular manufacturers like North Coast Medical, Carex Health Brands, Complete Medical Supplies, Danmar Products, etc.

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Some Examples of Device Holders

  • Key Holder: Key holder is a handy accessory used to provide extra grip when turning keys. It can hold a number of keys depending on its design. 

  • Bag Holder: Bag holder is used to carry a bag comfortably without putting any strain on hands or fingers. It also prevents tendon strain from carrying bags. Bag holder evenly distributes the weight of heavy bags across the shoulder and back, and makes it easy to carry heavy bags. 

  • Phone Holder: Phone holder is used to hold smart phones and tablets. It may contain some special features also, like place for charging and holding other items like books, paperwork, etc. 

  • Wrist Cuffs: With the use of wrist cuffs, users with limited hand function can securely hold writing and grooming aids. They also work as utensil holder and hold different feeding utensils like fork, spoon, etc.