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Personal Care Aids are used to help individuals with everyday grooming and personal hygiene tasks. They make the user more independent with self-care. Limited mobility and strength prevent an individual from accomplishing personal hygiene by his own. In all such cases, personal care devices prove to be a boon, as they assist the user with daily tasks and help him overcome his limited strength. Many of them even help caregivers to assist patients with daily living tasks at any personal care setting. These products are from various top-selling manufacturers like Earth Therapeutics, Desert Essence, Health Enterprises, North Coast Medical, etc.

Types of Personal Care Aids

HPFY offers a wide assortment of personal care aids including eye aids, nail aids, dental and oral aids, personal hygiene aids, pill crusher/splitter, pill boxes and medicine organizers. Eye aids help in proper eye medication and protection. For people with limited dexterity, nail care products can be used to shape and trim their nails. Personal care aids like lotion applicators, back scratchers, etc. can help in maintaining personal hygiene. Pill crushers and pill organizers allow for easy and timely medication intake. For all oral problems like dry mouth, bad breath and cold sores, dental and oral care products can be used.

Eye Aids

Eye aids include eye wash bottles, contact lens solutions and eye dropper aids for eye medication, protection and other needs. Eye wash bottles are used for immediate emergency flushing to provide fast and effective relief. Contact lens solutions remove and clean any accumulations or deposits off the film of soft contact lenses. Eye dropper aids allow the user to self-administer eye drops with ease, thereby improving patient comfort.

Nail Care

Nail care products are ideal for people who have weak grasp or face difficulty in using small hand-held implements. With these personal aids they can easily trim and shape the fingernails or toenails. There are nail clippers, nail brushes, nail filers, antifungal nail solutions, manicure and pedicure kits, etc. They all help with easy nail care without requiring much effort.

Personal Hygiene Aids

Personal hygiene aids help people in maintaining personal hygiene more easily and independently. These health care aids are ideal for people with limited mobility or special needs. There are lotion applicators, back scratchers, facial sauna and brushes, facial tissues, etc. available at HPFY.

Pill Boxes and Medicine Organizer

There is a wide variety of handy and attractive pill boxes and organizers for daily and weekly organization. Pill organizers have separate compartments for days of the week and/or times of the day like morning, and evening. These personal care aids are ideal for people who usually forget taking medicines or it is difficult for them to track that when they last took their medicines.

Pill Crusher/Splitter

Pill crusher/splitter enables the user to crush pills or split them. Pill crushers are used to crush the pills into powder form so that they are easy to take with food or liquid. They mainly depend on a screw action for crushing the pills. Once the pills are crushed, they remain at the base of the crusher to avoid wastage or dropping off powder on the floor. Crushed pills can then be used whenever required. Pill splitters are used to easily and safely cut the pills so that it is easy to swallow them. Pills can be split ahead of time or at the time when they are required. Some personal aids are able to do both crushing and splitting while others either crush or split the pills. Most of the pill crushers or splitters are small and portable. They are made up of material that is dishwasher proof.

Dental and Oral Care

Dental and oral care products help in maintaining healthy oral environment in people of various ages. They are mostly required by people with limited dexterity due to stroke, arthritis or other causes. These personal care aids assist with dental care, whether in brushing the teeth or maintaining fresh breath. Mouthwash rinses the mouth and protects it from odor. It also helps in relieving dry mouth symptoms. Swabsticks are perfect for patients who require additional moistening due to medication side effects. They gently clean and refresh the mouth, teeth and gums. Tongue depressors may be used for mixing medications, spreading ointments and for oral examinations.

Where to buy Personal Care Aids?

HPFY offers a wide range of products from top brands like accu-life, Apex , Carex and many more. Choose from top manufacturers like Medline, Graham-Field, Mckesson and many more. Shop now and get huge discounts.