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Alarm clock and watches are designed to produce a sound or signal at a specific time. Their primary use is to wake or alert people and remind them of doing something. They are ideal for deaf people, deep sleepers, children as well as senior citizens. These hearing and listening aids come with a varied combination of features to satisfy individual customer needs. Health Products For You offers a wide assortment of such alarm clock and watches from popular manufacturers like Sonic Alert, Global Assistive Devices, Bellman & Symfon, Harris Communications and many more.

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Types of Alarm Clock and Watches

There are different types of alarm clocks and watches available at HPFY like desktop clocks, travel clocks, bed vibrators, clocks with flashing lights and vibrating watches. Desktop clocks are the basic alarm clocks. The ones which are compact and easy to carry while travelling around are known as travel clocks. Bed vibrators use vibrations to wake up the user. Clocks with flashing light give visual alert in the form of a flash light. Vibrating watches are easy to wear and help in alerting the users. In this way, all the different types of alarm clocks and watches help in fulfilling the specific requirements of the users.

  • Desktop Clock: Desktop alarm clocks are designed with unique features that make them perfect for individuals who are deaf, deep sleepers or suffer from hearing loss.
  • Bed Vibrators: Bed vibrators are used with alarm clocks to wake up individuals by vibrations. Producing vibrations is an easy and effective way to wake people. Vibrating alarm clock for the deaf is generally placed under the pillow or mattress.
  • Travel Clocks: Travel clocks are the best means to maintain wake-up schedule while traveling. They possess all the features of desktop alarm clocks. Some models also include vibration alerts and extra loud alarms. Travel clocks have compact design easier for traveling.
  • Clock with Flashing Light: Flashing alarm clocks are designed to have a visual alert in the form of a bright light. The flash light glows up brightly and wakes up persons even with more severe hearing loss.
  • Watches: Vibrating watches can be used by anyone who has normal hearing or hearing loss. They are convenient for alerting the users. These watches are designed with attractive styles and features for men, women and children.