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Adaptive Scissors are designed for people with weak hands, arthritis or other conditions that make the use of conventional scissors difficult and uncomfortable. Use of scissors is an important but complex motor control activity. Special needs scissors assist individuals to develop this essential skill. They are specially designed to relieve the users from pain. By doing this, adaptive scissors make it possible for users to do their favorite activities like crafting and sewing.

Types of Adaptive Scissors

There is a wide range of adaptive scissors available in different shapes and blade lengths. They include loop scissors, table top scissors or one handed scissors, self opening scissors and easy grip scissors.

  • Loop Scissors: Loop scissors make cutting easy and effortless. The loop handle provides additional stabilisation to people with weak grasp. 
  • Self Opening Scissors: Self-opening scissors are conventional type of scissors with a spring. The spring forces open the blades back to their open position after the pressure has been removed. They are ideal for people who require some extra assistance while using scissors. 
  • Table Top Scissors: Table top scissors are perfect for one-handed individuals. Users are just needed to put the object on the scissor blade and press down the handle to cut the object. 
  • Easy Grip Scissors: Easy grip scissors have their handles designed in such a way that become easy for the users to hold them. They are perfect for individuals with decreased hand strength.

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