Signaling Devices

Signaling devices are designed for deaf and hearing impaired people to alert them of the various events taking place around the house. They act as a notification system and send the signals of event happening to the users. Health Products For You provides an extensive range of alerting devices for hearing impaired that alert the people of events like phone calls, baby cries, doorbells, smoke or fire, carbon monoxide levels, etc. At HPFY, we offer a wide range of such signaling devices from popular manufacturers like Sonic Alert, Silent Call Communications, Serene Innovations, Krown, Bellman & Symfon, etc.

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Types of Signaling Devices

  • Phone/VP/TTY: Phone signalers notify the users of phone calls, video calls, landline calls, etc. They do this by producing a loud sound, strong flashing lights or vibration alerts. 
  • Door: Door alerting devices give the alert of doorbell or someone knocking at the door to deaf and hard of hearing people. According to the choice of users, signals can be in the form of loud sound, flash light or vibrations. 
  • Smoke/Fire: There are different types of smoke or fire signalers available to alert the users in case of fire. They aim at providing better protection from fire with the help of vibrating bed shakers, flashing strobes and talking alarms. 
  • Sound: Sound signaler notifies the users when there is a noise in the other part of house or building. Methods of alerting may vary from lights to audible sounds. 
  • Baby: Baby cry signalers use wireless technology to notify the user when her child is crying. They can be in the form of transmitters or standalone systems. 
  • Carbon Monoxide: Carbon monoxide detectors notify deaf or hard of hearing people in the form of audible, visual and vibrating alerts. These hearing impairment devices detect the level of carbon monoxide and alert people when it reaches dangerous levels. 
  • Motion: Motion signalers alert the users of a specific type of motion or activity. 
  • Weather: Weather signalers allow people to receive alerts related to a particular area. They usually feature an alarm for audible alerts; battery backup; jack for connecting accessories like bed shaker or strobe light, etc.