Blanket Cradle

Blanket Cradles are excellent bedroom aids that are designed for keeping the blankets/bedclothes away from the feet or legs of the users. They keep the weight of blankets off the feet and prevent constant pressure and irritation that might be caused by movement of bedding. Bed blanket raisers protect the sensitive skin areas without sacrificing warmth when the users are restricted to bed. They provide maximum comfort by preventing the blankets from coming in contact with damaged skin. These foot cradles for bed are especially useful in helping leg and foot wounds heal faster and giving sound sleep to the users. HPFY offers bed blanket raisers from renowned manufacturers like Mabis DMI Healthcare, Posey, R and B Wire Products Inc, Rose Healthcare, etc.

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What is a Bed Cradle used for?

Unique design of bed cradles for feet creates a bridge over the lower limbs of people in such a way that blankets can easily rest on them. They stand over the end of the bed and hold the blankets efficiently while covering the user. Blanket cradles are perfect for ventilating sore or uncomfortable legs, thereby helping the user to keep cool and preventing irritation. They are used to protect the following types of skin conditions:

  • Sensitive skin areas 
  • Bandaged or damaged skin 
  • Leg and foot wounds 
  • Foot cramping 
  • Pressure ulcers 
  • Skin irritation 
  • Sore or uncomfortable legs

Benefits of using Blanket Cradles

The benefits of using blanket supports are as follows:

  • Lift bedding away from the legs 
  • Relieve pressure and friction from blankets 
  • Help keep sore areas ventilated and irritation-free 
  • Ideal for individuals suffering with painful leg ulcers 
  • Suitable for almost all types of bed and mattresses
  • Easy transportation and can be taken anywhere 
  • Easy to set up and efficient to use 
  • Lightweight construction