Telecommunication Devices

Telecommunication devices are electronic devices designed to provide text communication over telephone lines. For people with hearing or speech difficulties these devices can prove to be very beneficial. They are also known by many other names like telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD), teletypewriter (TTY), textphone, etc. Communication devices for the deaf are easy to use with wide displays and touch button keyboards. Health Products For You provides a wide range of telecommunication devices from top selling manufacturers like Ultratec, Krown, Complete Medical Supplies, etc.

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Types of Telecommunication Devices

There are different types of telecommunication devices available at HPFY like printing TTYs, non-printing TTYs, portable TTYs and TTYs for public places.

Printing TTYs

Printing TTY devices are handy and let the hard of hearing people communicate by typed messages via telephone lines. Sender types his or her message and sends it through the phone line. As an added benefit, printing telecommunication devices allow the receiver to print off the captions from call for easy understandability and enhanced comprehension.

Non-printing TTYs

Non-printing TTY devices only use a display screen for communication. As the name suggest, they do not have the facility of printing out the transcripts. The typed and received messages are displayed on a screen.

TTYs for Public Places

TTYs for Public Places are designed to work with any public telephone. To make a call, user is just required to turn the power on and proceed like a normal TTY call. They help deaf, speech impaired or hard of hearing people to make telephone calls.

Portable TTYs

Portable TTYs are designed in such a way that they are very easy to carry from one place to another.

How do Telecommunication Devices work?

Generally TDD devices are similar in size to a small laptop computer. They have a QWERTY keyboard and a small display screen that shows text. Often, telecommunication devices also have a small paper spool where the text is printed. Text is sent from one TDD device to another via telephone lines. A TDD message relay is needed, if only one person has a TDD device. In this three person arrangement, a person with a TDD sends a message to dual party operator. A second telephone is used to call the intended party and the message is repeated by voice. Telecommunication devices are great for use with deaf education.