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What Everyone Should Know About Resistance Band Colors

What Everyone Should Know About Resistance Band Colors
Kevin Cleary

Reviewed by Christine Kijek, Registered Colorectal Nurse, on November 17, 2022

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Resistance exercise bands come in a number of colors and it’s not just for decoration. Many people use these bands however, they do not have the knowledge of the colors and the purpose with which they are designed. These physical therapy bands use different colors in order to let the user know the force of the resistance that band offers. As your therapy/exercise program progresses, you can use these colors in order to increase resistance to gain strength or rehab from an injury in a safe manner. So, what do the colors actually tell you?

How do Resistance Bands work?

As with any other piece of exercise equipment, resistance bands can be personalized for your specific exercise/rehab program. Just like dumbbells or other weighted exercise equipment, different bands offer the user a variety of resistance levels. Where resistance bands differ from dumbbells is in the resistance itself. During muscle contraction and expansion, these bands provide positive resistance so you reap the benefits through the entire range of motion. As with any exercise, you should consult your physician/therapist first before beginning any exercise routine. Also, start small and work your way to higher resistance levels. The colors of these resistance bands let you know which ones are easier while you progress to more difficult resistance.

Resistance Exercise Band Colors

The colors of the resistance band rainbow are not just decorative. As you progress through your exercise/rehab, you will want to increase the resistance level of your exercise bands. The different colors of these exercise bands correlate to different resistance levels. One tip: do not advance to a higher resistance without the okay from your doctor or therapist if you are recovering from an injury. This can lead to overstressing an injured area and possibly re-injuring yourself. Also, you should always stop exercising if you feel pain. The different colors of resistance bands may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Various types of research show that resistance bands positively affect the user's exercise performance. Interestingly, resistance bands activate a similar group of muscles as dumbbells. They also enhance quality of life and are proven to be an efficient way of managing knee arthritis. Patients with osteoarthritis who have used resistance bands for resistance exercises have claimed that it took the quality of their life a notch high.

Similarly, the TheraBand resistance bands increase the number of calories burned during the workout. They are specifically designed to provide additional and quicker calorie burning during exercise.

Another brand that provides users with a slightly wider range of resistances for their users is CanDo , and you can see where their options are minutely different.  

Thera-Band Resistance Band Colors

Thera-Band uses the following color codes in order to indicate the resistance of their resistance bands:



Muscle Group



Shoulders and Shine



Biceps and Triceps



Legs, Chest & Back



Legs, Chest & Back



Legs, Chest & Back


 *Great for working out with someone else

CanDo Resistance Band Colors


Another brand that provides users with a slightly wider range of resistances for their users is CanDo and you can see where their options are minutely different.

Color Resistance
Tan XX-Light
Yellow X-Light
Red Light
Green Medium
Blue Heavy
Black X-Heavy
Silver XX-Heavy
Gold XXX-Heavy

Things to Remember while using Thera-Band Resistance Bands

Before you start using a band, thoroughly check them as wear and tear might lead to the band breaking halfway through the training session. Also, do not have any kind of jewelry on while using the band as it might cause hindrances in exercising. Wear protective eye gears to avoid getting injured.

As you can see, different colors equal different resistance levels in exercise bands. There are similarities between manufacturers and some subtle differences, so be sure you check with each manufacturer to determine which color is appropriate for your level of exercise/rehab. Some bands are available in predetermined lengths, while others may come in long rolls that can be cut to any length or size in order to accommodate any exercise or user size. Find your color and get exercising!!

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Resistance Band Workouts FAQ

1. Do resistance bands build muscle?

Resistance bands can amplify muscle-building power to most types of workouts, and they're excellent for rehabilitating muscles after an injury. Additionally, resistance bands come in several strengths, making them highly usable by most people.

2. Do resistance bands make a difference?

Resistance bands are a productive way to help improve flexibility, but one can also improve joint mobility using them. Moreover, bands are proven essential for recovery and are especially useful for working on hip, shoulder, and knee injuries.

3. Are bands better than weights?

Resistance bands are safer as compared to free weights. Free weights effectively build muscle and strength, but the risk is much higher than the bands. Meanwhile, bands are great if the purpose is not to build a bulky physique but to be in good shape.

4. Can resistance bands build chest?

Yes, a resistance band workout is as effective as using heavy weights and dumbells. One can do chest flys with resistant bands and shoulder flys and push-up presses, and a chest band workout does a great job targeting each pectoral muscle.

5. Are resistance bands supposed to be loose?

Resistance bands shouldn't be too loose or too tight. Bands should be sized adequately so that it does not roll up while you work out. You can prevent the bands from rolling up by getting resistance bands with the right width and length.


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What Everyone Should Know About Resistance Band Colors

Kevin Cleary

Resistance exercise bands come in a number of colors and it’s not just for decoration. Many people use these bands however, they do not have the knowledge of the colors and the purpose with which they are designed.

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