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What are Chux? | Underpads and Chux

What are Chux? | Underpads and Chux
Taikhum Sadiq

Reviewed by Christine Kijek, Registered Colorectal Nurse, on October 1, 2022

Handling incontinence can be a tedious task for an individual if they do not have the right kind of accessories and products to help them through it. Managing leakage throughout the day, ensuring everything stays hygienic and taking care of the body in the process makes incontinence management a time-consuming task. Chux is a great resource when managing incontinence. Hassle free and not very expensive, chux is a feasible option for everyday incontinence management.

The Origin of Chux

Chux have been around since the early 1940’s and 50’s and were makeshift pads women across the US began making at home to battle incontinence. Layers of newspapers were sewn within cloths and used as underpads or chux. When medical professionals noticed this new trend, they began working on making this invention more hygienic and safer to use, and slowly this led to the birth of medical chux. Over the years, new features were added to make it cheaper, easier to use, and of improve quality.

What are the different types of Chux?

Chux can be differentiated based on size and absorbency levels.

Size – There are three broad options when it comes to sizes:

  • Chair size for smaller areas like chairs, wheelchairs, stools, etc.
  • Midsize for couches, recliners, benches, and other medium-sized furniture
  • Large size for beds. They can cover large areas and have great strength if folded.


Absorbency – They are divided into four categories:

  • Light Absorbency for gentle absorption during the night. It is generally recommended for children
  • Medium Absorbency for absorption in regular intervals.
  • Heavy Absorbency for continuous absorption throughout the night
  • Maximum Absorbency for heavy and continuous discharge of urine and feces through the night

Reusable vs Disposable Chux

Advantages of Disposable Chux

  • Temporary Use - in case of enemas and one-time absorption
  • Quick and Easy Cleanup – Effective during traveling as it reduces time and energy for cleanup
  • Faster Drying Time – Dries faster than other chux as it cannot be used again, but reduces chances of bedsores or rashes
  • Better Odor Management – Faster drying results in less chances of bacteria and yeast formation

Advantages of Reusable Chux

  • Greater Reliability – Stays in place for a longer period of time and provides secure absorption
  • Saves Money – Reusability ensures that you avoid spending money on a regular basis
  • Reduces Waste – One reusable pad can replace up to 200 disposable ones, thus reducing wastage and protecting the environment

What if I am prone to bedsore while using chux?

Many people complain about bedsores and rashes while using chux. The moisture generated can sometimes cause problems related to bacteria and yeast formation, creating a risk for infecion. Air Flow back-sheets are a feature in many chux products that provide superior air circulation and have a breathable back-sheet, both of which reduce the chances of bedsores and rashes. Reduced moisture inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeast.

How to prevent the slipping and bunching of chux?

Movement in bed results in the slipping or bunching of chux. The chux might slip out of place or become disoriented, giving way for urine to seep into the bed or into the clothes of the user overnight. Adhesive underpads or cloth chux pads can be helpful in such conditions. The adhesive underside is stuck to the bed sheets, preventing the chux from moving during sleep.

Winged underpads are another option. The wings are tucked beneath the mattress so that there is more space for movement and a greater coverage area for absorption.

Top Ten Chux for 2020

1. Attends Night Preserver Underpads

Attends Night Preserver Underpads contain super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for heavy absorbency. They are rectangular absorbent pads designed to protect beds, chairs, and other furniture. Attends Night Preserver is made with soft, non-woven top layers for wicking fluid away from the skin. It features cellulose fibers that provide added comfort and absorbency. With a strong, leak-proof back sheet that holds fluid, these Underpads are for use in hospitals, nursing homes and in the home.

Features of Attends Night Preserver Underpads

  • Soft, cloth-like top sheet promotes healthy skin
  • Leak-resistant, peach back sheet protects surfaces
  • Attends Night Preserver is perfect for standard and everyday use
  • A new diamond embossed pattern helps channel fluid and wick it into the core
  • Provide far greater levels of absorption and retention than draw-sheets or wadding-filled products

2. Medline Ultrasorbs AP Super Absorbent Premium Disposable Drypads

Medline Ultrasorbs AP Super Absorbent Premium Disposable Drypads are ideal for patients or residents with continuous exposure to excessive moisture from incontinence, wound drainage or perspiration. They have a high-strength design that helps reduce the need for multiple drawsheets for positioning. Ultrasorbs protect against leakage and maintain skin integrity as part of an overall pressure ulcer prevention program. Ultrasorbs Drypads provide superior dryness and containment. They absorb more moisture and feature exclusive fold-over edges to prevent fluid overflow.

Features of Medline Ultrasorbs Disposable Drypads

  • Help prevent skin breakdown with a moisture trapping film that protects against leaks, resulting in less frequent full bed linen changes
  • Tough and durable with strong back-sheet built for turning, boosting and repositioning protocols for patients up to 300 pounds
  • Prevent and manage moisture-associated skin damage (MASD)
  • Does the job of up to 4 regular underpads
  • Lay flat when wet with Super-Core technology, without bunching, disintegrating or swelling
  • Effective for use with low-air-loss mattress therapy, protects the bedding and permits airflow
  • Crinkle-free design is quiet, comfortable and discreet

3. Attends Dri-Sorb Underpads

Attends Dri-Sorb Light Absorbency Disposable Underpads are available in a variety of sizes and absorbencies and are perfect for standard, everyday use in hospitals, long-term care facilities and in the home. They are great for protecting mattresses and chairs but also promote healthy skin by having a soft, cloth-like top sheet that covers the entire surface, and the top layers wick fluid away from the skin. Inner cellulose fibers make them comfortable and absorbent, and a strong, leak-resistant back sheet holds fluid.

Features of Attends Dri-Sorb Underpads

  • Ideal for light incontinence protection
  • Perfect for standard, everyday use
  • A non-woven top layer, cellulose fiber absorption layer, and strong leakproof back sheet
  • The Top layer wicks liquids away from the skin
  • Absorption layer of Attends Underpads absorbs and locks fluids to protect skin
  • Back sheet protects surfaces from liquids

4. McKesson Ultra Disposable Underpads - Heavy Absorbency

McKesson Ultra Disposable Underpads - heavy absorbency feature soft, non-woven bonded top sheet that promotes rapid fluid acquisition. The super absorbent polymer locks wetness away and reduces pH of urine for advanced odor control and skin wellness. They have great protection for general procedures and wound care. The edges are heat-sealed, non-woven and gentle on the skin. Ultra-Disposable underpads possess a fluff core with superior mat configuration.

Features of McKesson Ultra Underpads

  • They consist of ultra-absorbent polymer that locks wetness away
  • Reduces pH of urine for advanced odor control and skin wellness for heavy incontinence
  • Are heat-sealed and have non-woven edges that feel gentle on the skin
  • Consists of a soft, non-woven bonded top-sheet that promotes rapid fluid acquisition
  • Latex-Free to avoid allergic reactions

5. Prevail Disposable Underpads

Prevail Disposable Underpads are designed to provide extra protection against leaks for beds, chairs, and other surfaces. They add an additional layer of security, particularly for those with heavy leakage. These underpads feature an Integra mat or bonded construction that reduces top sheet separation and clumping. The cloth-like outer fabric traps liquid for effective protection. MaxSorb Gel Technology quickly locks wetness to keep wearers feeling dry and comfortable.

Features of Prevail Disposable Underpads

  • Provide extra protection from unpredictable and recurrent leaks
  • Are strong enough for overnight use
  • Contains no irritating chemicals, salts or dyes
  • Absorbent core locks in the fluid which maximizes the air therapy benefit
  • Waterproof moisture barrier for effective protection of beds, linens, chairs, and other surfaces
  • Specifically designed for use with pressure relieving therapy beds

6. Becks Classic Birdseye Reusable Underpads - Heavy Absorbency

Becks Classic Birdseye Reusable Underpads - Heavy Absorbency are designed to fully protect your bed linen, mattress, or any surface from moisture and staining. Each pad has three layers that work together to protect against leakage. These underpads are quilted to a blended poly/rayon heavyweight soaker. It is made of 100% cotton Birdseye face cloth and has 3 layers of soft and thick quilting combined with a VINTEX vinyl barrier. It also features a special 5-thread safety stitch for extra durability and can be customized to any size. A Continuous Identification Marking (CIM) is also available on barrier.

Features of Becks Classic Birdseye Underpads

  • Heavy absorbency and knitted vinyl barrier
  • These underpads protect sensitive skin from moisture
  • Cotton or polyester face cloth
  • Kaumographing heat transfers onto the face of the pad
  • Blended Polyester and Rayon Heavy Soaker

7. Prevail Fluff Underpads

Prevail Fluff Underpads are designed to provide extra protection against leaks for beds, chairs, and other surfaces. They have a fluff layer and a cloth-like waterproof layer to provide effective and comfortable protection. The cloth-like outer fabric traps liquid or material for optimal performance. These comfortable underpads are ideal for full night protection. These pads are ultra-soft and contain no irritating chemicals, salts or dyes. They feature security, particularly for those with heavy leakage.

Features of Prevail Fluff Underpads

  • Multi-functional absorbent pads to protect a variety of surfaces from leakage due to incontinence
  • Made to protect a number of different living areas where soaking can occur such as mattress tops, chairs, wheelchairs and sofas
  • Help keep the highly absorbent material from separating or bunching together
  • Cloth-textured top sheet is soft and makes it comfortable to rest on
  • C-wing folded for ease of application and the facings are spun bonded polypropylene which is naturally fire retardant
  • Poly backing prevents wetness soaking through

8. Attends Premier Underpads - Overnight Absorbency

Attends Premier Underpads - Overnight Absorbency are designed to help user to manage heavy to severe urinary or fecal incontinence. It helps user to feel protected as well as comfortable all night long. Attends Premier Underpads Dry-Lock water holding technology assure protection of furniture and the Air-permeable material provides them a good night's sleep. Features a dry lock of highly absorbent materials to help keep skin dry and furniture protected. An air-permeable design enhances clinical efficacy of low airflow mattress therapy and allows to reposition patients weighing up to 350 lbs.

Features of Attends Premier Underpads

  • Premium overnight protection
  • Breathable backing allows for use on low-airflow mattresses
  • Ability to reposition patients up to 350 lbs
  • High absorbency
  • One size fits all

9. Covidien Wings Quilted Premium Comfort Underpads

Covidien Wings Quilted Premium Comfort Underpad has a super absorbent soft core with honeycomb technology that quickly and effectively wicks fluid away. The super absorbent polymer is encapsulated in every cell for improved fluid management that leads to drier skin, improved skin wellness and increased patient comfort. Possess a strong cloth-like back-sheet. No plastic leads to less heat build-up for added comfort and less possibility for skin irritation. A premium back-sheet assists in the lift and repositioning of patients up to 300 pounds, which helps reduce the need for drawsheets and reusable underpads. Its super absorbent core is designed to quickly lock in fluid and neutralize unpleasant odors. The state-of-the-art top sheet is noticeably softer than traditional non-woven material, providing a more comfortable experience.

Features of Covidien Wings Quilted Comfort Underpads

  • Maximum Absorbency
  • Moisture vapor permeable film
  • Protect bed linens/clothing
  • Leave the patient drier
  • Provide greater comfort

10. AT Surgical Reusable Incontinence Underpads

AT Surgical Reusable Incontinence Underpads draw moisture away from the body and prevent skin irritation. For adults seeking solutions to frequent incontinence problems due to weak or overactive bladders and sleepless nights, these underpads with multiple layers prevent wetness from spreading to the bed. The soft, 3-ply, quilted fabric works much like an egg crate and adds a soft layer to firm mattresses.

Features of AT Surgical Reusable Incontinence Underpads

  • These underpads are made for durability with a special 3-ply fabric construction
  • The top outer layer is created with soft wick material for whisking away moisture and assures maximum comfort
  • The second layer is a heavy-duty soaker with the ability to double its weight in absorbency
  • The bottom layer is made from a special Fablon barrier, which is 100% waterproof and will never crack even after 200 washings.
  • This reusable underpad is crafted from a heavy-duty felt material designed to absorb body fluids.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical

Choosing the right chux not only ensures great absorbency and superior incontinence management, but also ensures that the user stays healthy and safe during the entire period. The right size and right absorbency levels are paramount to the right chux or underpad for you.


Where to buy Disposable and Reusable Underpads?

Health Products For You has a wide and pocket-friendly catalog of underpads for seniors, children, and young adults. You can choose an underpad depending on your needs and comfortability. Place your order today and get exciting offers on every purchase you make. 


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