What are Chux? | Underpads and Chux

What are Chux? | Underpads and Chux

Handling incontinence can be a tedious task for an individual if they do not have the right kind of accessories and products to help them through it. Managing leakages throughout the day, ensuring everything stays hygienic and taking care of the body in the process makes incontinence management a time-consuming task. Chux are saviors when it comes to managing incontinence. Hassle free and not very expensive, chux is a very feasible option for everyday incontinence management.

The Origin of Chux

Chux have been around since the early 1940’s and 50’s and were makeshift pads women across US began making at home to battle incontinence. Layers of newspapers were sewn within cloths and used as underpads or chux. When medical professionals noticed this new trend, they began working on making this invention more hygienic and safer to use, and slowly this led to the birth of medical chux. Over the years, new features were added to make it cheaper, easier to use, and of improve quality.

What are the different types of Chux?

Chux can be differentiated based on size and absorbency levels.

Size – There are three broad options when it comes to sizes:

  • Chair size for smaller areas like chairs, wheelchairs, stools, etc.
  • Midsize for couches, recliners, benches, and other medium sized furniture
  • Bed size for beds. They can cover large areas and have great strength if folded.

Absorbency – They are divided into four categories:

  • Light Absorbency for gentle absorption during the night. It is generally recommended for children
  • Medium Absorbency for absorption in regular intervals.
  • Heavy Absorbency for continuous absorption throughout the night
  • Maximum Absorbency for heavy and continuous discharge of urine and feces through the night

Reusable vs Disposable Chux

Advantages of Disposable Chux

  • Temporary Use - in case of enemas and one-time absorption
  • Quick and Easy Cleanup – Effective during traveling as it reduces time and energy for cleanup
  • Faster Drying Time – Dries faster than other chux as it cannot be used again, but reduces chances of bedsores or rashes
  • Better Odor Management – Faster drying results in less chances of bacteria and yeast formation

Advantages of Reusable Chux

  • Greater Reliability – Stays in place for a longer time and provides secure absorption
  • Saves Money – Reusability ensures that you avoid spending money on a regular basis
  • Reduces Waste – One reusable pad can replace up to 200 disposable ones, thus reducing wastage and protecting the environment

What If I am Prone to Bedsore While Using Chux?

Many people complain about bedsores and rashes while using chux. The moisture generated can also sometimes cause problems related to bacteria and yeast formation thus creating a risky situation. Air Flow Backsheets are a feature in many chux products that provide superior air circulation and have a breathable back-sheet, both of which reduce the chances of bedsores and rashes. The reduced moist conditions also inhibit the growth of bacteria and yeast.

How to Prevent the Slipping and Bunching of Chux?

Many times, greater movement in bed results in the slipping or bunching of chux. The chux might slip out of place or become disoriented thus giving way for the urine to seep into the bed or into the clothes of the user overnight. Adhesive underpads or chux can be helpful in such conditions. The adhesive underside is stuck to the bed sheets and thus prevents the chux from moving out during sleep or even later.

Winged underpads are also a feasible option. The wings are tucked beneath the mattress so that there is a lot of space for movement and greater coverage area for absorption.

What Chux Can I Choose From?

You can choose from a wide range of chux based on size and absorbency:

Prevail Disposable Underpads

These super absorbent underpads provide high-performance linen protection for beds, chairs, and other surfaces. They feature an Integra mat or bonded construction that reduces top sheet separation and clumping. The cloth-like outer fabric traps liquid or material for effective protection.

Prevail Disposable Underpads
Prevail Disposable Underpads

Benefits of Prevail Disposable Underpads

  • Added comfort and skin health
  • Quickly pulls and locks up liquid
  • Absorbent and soft
  • Durable even when wet

Tena Disposable Regular Underpad - Moderate Absorbency

Mainly used for chair and bed protection, Tena Underpads are designed to cover mattresses to absorb leakages, maintain dryness and reduce odors. They consist of polyethylene layer, absorbent core and waterproof back-sheet to provide protection against accidental urine loss and hygiene procedures.

Tena Disposable Regular Underpad - Moderate Absorbency
Tena Disposable Regular Underpad - Moderate Absorbency

Benefits of Tena Disposable Regular Underpad

  • Evenly distributed absorption
  • Greater retention
  • Effective leakage security
  • Locks away liquids

Attends Night Preserver Underpads - Heavy Absorbency

Attends Underpads contain super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for heavy absorbency. They are rectangular absorbent pads designed to protect bed, chairs and other furniture. They are made with soft, non-woven top layers for wicking fluid away from the skin.

Attends Night Preserver Underpads - Heavy Absorbency
Attends Night Preserver Underpads - Heavy Absorbency

Benefits of Attends Night Preserver Underpads

  • Leak proof backsheet
  • For use in homes and hospitals
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Added comfort and security

Covidien Simplicity Basic Fluff Disposable Underpads

Medtronic Covidien Underpads are designed to offer a moderate level of absorbency with a non-polymer fluff core. Spunbound non-woven topsheet allows fluid to pass quickly into the absorbent core.

 Covidien Simplicity Basic Fluff Disposable Underpads
Covidien Simplicity Basic Fluff Disposable Underpads

Benefits of Covidien Simplicity Basic Fluff Disposable Underpads

  • Polypropylene backsheet
  • Prevents leakage
  • Resists melting

Choosing the right chux not only ensures great absorbency and superior incontinence management, but also ensures that the user stays healthy and safe during the entire period. The right size and right absorbency levels are paramount to decide the right kind of chux or underpad for you.


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