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Top 5 Adult Diapers for Men

Shweta Chaubey

Adult Diapers are also known as underwear used by people with continence problems. These diapers for older people let them urinate or defecate by holding the waste products and preventing leakage. Adult Cloth Diapers are manufactured with synthetic disposable materials.

Male diapers have breathable outer layers that help the wearer stay comfortable throughout the day or night. Men's adult briefs have built-in padding for trapping liquids. The absorbent adult diaper pads can keep the wearer dry even after urination. There are plenty of incontinence supplies available in the market, starting from the most absorbent overnight diapers to the thinnest and more flexible options. Proper research and understanding are all it takes to get the best adult diapers for men.

Health Products For You brings you a list of the top 5 best diapers for adult men to make your research a little less painful.

5 Best Adult Diapers for Men

It is a known fact that incontinence affects women more than men however, 11% of men do struggle with incontinence. Therefore, manufacturers have now started experimenting with diapers for adult men and bring to the table, the best male diapers they can.

1. Tranquility Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers

Swimming is considered a great physical activity that helps manage continence. However, many people with incontinence fear swimming and bladder leakage. Tranquility Swimmates adult swim diapers are disposable diaper briefs designed to make your swimming experience stress and anxiety-free. These are a discreet, private, and comfortable incontinence aid to help you enjoy water activities any day. Swimmates waterproof diapers for adults are worn under a bathing suit to offer discreetness in public or group settings. Swim briefs consist of a blue moisture-proof barrier to provide light urinary incontinence protection before entering the water.

Benefits of Swimmates Adult Diapers

  • Snug-fit and discreet under regular bathing suits.
  • Keeps the wearer happy and confident in the pool.
  • Holds in leakage and remains high on the hips to keep the swimmer comfortable.
  • Holds in solid or liquid feces and does not let the matter contaminate the pool water.
  • Swimmates swim diapers for adults allow the water to pass through and do not soak the water up.

2. Presto Supreme Full Fit Briefs

Presto Supreme Full-Fit Adult Brief is a premium brief designed for people with heavy absorbency and offers excellent comfort and protection. Presto Plus ensures superior dryness with an advanced "Hi-Loft" acquisition distribution layer. The advanced core design of Presto Plus is ideal for extended wear comfort, improved absorption rates, and prevents skin dryness. It is thinner and more discreet than ever before, providing users with a comfortable, dignified fit. Presto Plus provides skin comfort with soft, breathable, cloth-like fabric. Presto Plus Breathable Brief has a CX4 core which includes four important technological advancements uniquely designed to provide leading leakage protection, dryness, exceptional comfort, and discreetness.

Benefits of Presto Supreme Breathable Brief

  • OdorSecure technology prevents odors before they change form.
  • MoistureLock dual-core increases the core's ability to absorb and lock fluid away from the skin.
  • Breathable materials promote air circulation for healthier skin.
  • Refastenable tabs allow the brief to be adjusted for the perfect fit.
  • Soft and discreet materials prevent skin irritation.

3. Prevail Specialty Size Briefs - Ultimate Absorbency

Prevail Specialty Size Briefs are specifically designed for wearers with a smaller stature. Prevail specialty briefs offer moderate to maximum absorbency perfect for heavy bladder leakage, and help maintain healthy skin. The Prevail Ultimate Absorbency Briefs have a full-mat core design to facilitate discreetness and efficiency. Breathable zones provide air circulation, and the easy-lock fastener (ELF) securely grips and hold anywhere on the brief. This diaper for men has a cloth-like outer fabric design to keep the perineal skin soft and healthy.

Benefits of Prevail Ultimate Absorbency Size Briefs

  • Keep perineal skin soft and healthy.
  • Let the wearer walk freely anywhere.
  • Reduce the heat build-up.
  • Minimize the risk of skin irritation.
  • Diminish the total amount of odor-causing ammonia formed during and after diaper use.

4. Unique Wellness Superio Signature Series Adult Brief

Wellness Superio Signature Series Adult Brief is known for its unprecedented protection. Designed for the more active user who often complains about their adult diapers tearing or having pinholes due to constant movement, these Superio Signature Briefs offer protection from pulling and pinholes. Moreover, the white plastic backing is quieter and makes no crinkling sound. Unique Wellness Adult Brief features a wider core to help those with bowel incontinence and uses NASA-inspired multi-layered InconTek technology, similar to designs used by astronauts in space for their long missions. Isn't it cool?

Benefits of Wellness Superio Series Brief


5. CareActive Mens Reusable Incontinence Briefs

CareActive Mens Reusable Briefs are ultra-soft cotton and polyester knit fabric brief. These specially designed adult diapers have sewn-in absorbency pads that grab, hold, and lock in fluids. The male diapers are gentle and have a wicking layer that pulls the moisture away from the skin. Moreover, it has an oversized moisture-proof barrier for maximum protection.

Benefits of CareActive Reusable Incontinence Brief

  • Comfortable and gentle on the skin, it looks and feels like a regular soft cotton brief.
  • Built-in 100% polyester absorbency pad efficiently manages moderate-to-heavy bladder incontinence (up to 6oz and 10oz).
  • The inner ring, made of super-soft 100% cotton, quickly wicks moisture away from the skin.
  • The barrier, made of whisper-quiet, waterproof reinforced vinyl, prevents spilling over.
  • Super-soft yet durable 100% cotton knit fabric easily withstands machine washing and offers durability.

Incontinence can be a result of a prior medical condition like enlarged prostate, diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and erectile dysfunction. It may also develop after prostate surgery or due to an overactive bladder (OAB). Whatever might be the reason, treatment and management of male incontinence demands shedding the shame away and using the right incontinence supplies. Consult your doctors today to get to the root of your incontinence problems and find an accurate treatment plan.


More About Men's Diapers

1. How to change an adult diaper?

  • Rinse and pat dry your hands thoroughly. Put on the medical gloves.
  • If it's an adjustable bed, adjust its height to suit the process (slightly lower than your hips). Subsequently, adjust the head of the bed as far down as the patient can bear.
  • Ask the patient to lay on their back while you unfasten the tapes and straps of the diaper. Tuck it to the farthest side, under the person's hip.
  • Place a hand on the patient's hip and another on their shoulder. Roll them from your side to theirs. Be aware that the side rails must be up on the far side to avoid moving the patient out of bed.
  • If there is somebody you can ask for help, direct them to keep the patient firmly in place while you clean their perineal area.
  • Time to pull out the diaper tucked under the patient's hip. Roll the diaper towards you while pulling to avoid spilling the mess. Throw the used diaper in a trash bag.
  • Use a washcloth or a wipe, premoistened with a skin cleanser, and thoroughly cleanse the perineal area. Remember to do so in a front-to-back motion. Do not hard press or apply force while washing. You may want to roll the patient onto their side. Once done, put the used wipes into a trash bag.
  • Look out for diaper rash or pressure ulcers. Check them daily to see if they are developing any of those. Apply an ample amount of skin barrier cream. It keeps the skin protected and moist. Let the skin dry completely before rolling the new diaper under them.
  • Now place the diaper comfortably and roll the patient toward your side. Pull out the diaper tucked beneath them and fasten it. Smoothen the wrinkles, if any.
  • Make the patient comfortable in bed. Adjust the bed to its usual height. After doing the steps mentioned above, remove your gloves and throw them into the trash bag.
  • Then, wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer, and then put on new gloves if required.

2. Do adult diapers work at night?

Yes, there are many variants in adult diapers available in the market. Overnight adult diapers with tabs are considered ideal for anyone who experiences incontinence during the night and is looking for a way to stay dry and comfortable. Enjoy peace of mind and fewer nighttime changes - meaning more sleep.


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