Hand Sanitizers

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Hand sanitizers are used to eliminate harmful bacteria found in healthcare environments. Use of hand sanitizers has increased a great deal in the last few years. These products contain 60-95 percent of alcohol compounds like ethanol or isopropanol. Sanitizers also contain emollients that help in keeping hands moisturized. There are many advantages of sanitizers over the traditional soap and water. Alcohol sanitizers are more convenient. You can carry them around with you inside a pocket, purse or car. Buy high quality sanitizers with various fragrances and add on features from leading brands like Epi-Clenz, Purell, PDI, Provon etc.

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Benefits of Using Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers provide a handy option and is suitable for situations where water is not available. You need not search for a sink or wait in long washroom queue for cleaning your hands. Sanitizers can be used to clean hands before eating or preparing food. Even clean looking hands may be contaminated with bodily fluids. 

Sanitizer application demands less time than washing with antimicrobial soap and water. It takes about 10-15 seconds to clean your hands with a sanitizer but it should be kept in mind that grossly soiled hands must be cleaned with soap and water only. Alcohol sanitizers reduce the spread of dangerous viruses like rotavirus, adenovirus and rhinovirus that soap and water cannot do. Frequent hand wash can dry out your hands. In hospitals and medical facilities doctors and other healthcare professionals need to wash their hands for more than 50 times a day which can cause skin on the hands to dry out and develop irritation. Sanitizers help in cleaning the hands and also moisturizes them at the same time.  

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