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Stages of Health & Wellness for Women & Steps To Preserve Health

Stages of Health & Wellness for Women & Steps To Preserve Health
Diane Bruno

As we progress through our adult life, every stage has its own needs when it comes to health and wellness. What worked in our 20s will not be enough to sustain us into our senior years.   

As your partner in health and wellness, Health Products For You would like to help you navigate each stage and assist you in achieving optimum wellness throughout the years!   

Stages of Health and Wellness for Women

Our 20’s

Our twenties are filled with excitement and opportunities – for many women, just graduating college, beginning a career, marrying, and starting a family can be an amazing experience! This is the perfect decade to take stock of your health and wellness, know what to expect, and set a solid foundation for the decades to come.   

  • Bone health – During this decade, your bone strength will be at its greatest and continues to grow. This is the perfect time to NOT take your strength for granted, but rather is the ideal time to go into preservation and perseverance mode. Eating a diet rich in vitamin D and calcium will help to keep those bones healthy and fit.
Stages of Health for Women



Initiate a weight-bearing exercise program that will help you keep any potential weight gain at bay and strengthen those muscles so they can serve you well through the years. Remember, muscle has memory, so what you do now will be “remembered” later on, and it will be easier to get back in shape later in life if you fall out of a disciplined exercise habit as the years creep up.

  • Protect your skin – Everyone loves that healthy glow the sun brings to our skin, but sunbathing brings a two-fold problem as we age. That beautiful tan in your twenties will only lead to wrinkles, sagging, loss of volume, and visible photo-aging damage in your 40s. Cosmetics aside, melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, is a direct result of sun exposure, so be sure to lather up on sunscreen to protect the largest organ in your body.   
  • Cramping your style – Those pesky periods take a new turn because of the hormone prostaglandin, which may increase monthly cramping and discomfort, be sure to visit your gynecologist during this time to help alleviate the pain.   

Our 30’s

When our life gets busier with career and family obligations, it is easy to start putting ourselves second and ignoring our health and wellness. It is more important than ever before for you to begin a relationship and partnership with a healthcare provider(s).   

  • Weight gain – As our metabolism gradually slows, it is easier than ever to put on those pounds, which can lead to further complications down the road. Regular exercise and healthy eating are more essential than ever as a reactive strike against disease, particularly diabetes. Making sure to have your blood sugar checked and keeping it under control is imperative to avoid complications from pre-diabetes and diabetes itself.   
  • Cervical cancer – A large number of new cervical cancer diagnoses happen during our third decade. Be sure to incorporate yearly PAP/HPV tests into your health regime.   
Stages of Health for Women



Our 40’s

and our forties are a pivotal time to address the health complications that may surface over time. Many of the diseases and conditions we may fall victim to are part of our DNA, but there is much within our control!   

  • Heart Diseases – Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women over 40. Knowing the signs, risks, and preventative steps to take is beyond important. The symptoms of a heart attack in women do not mirror those of our male counterparts. Symptoms include neck, shoulder, and abdominal pain; some women may experience nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and shortness of breath, along with chest pain. Some women experience no pain at all and may suffer the “Silent Heart Attack.”   
  • Perimenopause – Symptoms of menopause start to present themselves with hot flashes, mood changes, vaginal dryness, and irregular menstrual cycles. This is the perfect time to visit your gynecologist to discuss a plan for tackling this milestone in a woman s life. Hormone replacement therapy may be a choice to help you navigate this time of transition. Partner with your doctor and weigh all the pros and cons of HRT.  
Stages of Health for Women



Remember those powerhouse bones you had in your twenties; well now is the time they begin to lose some of their strength. Increase your calcium and vitamin D intake. Get moving if you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise will help increase muscle mass, reduce unwanted weight, and help those bones to remain resilient.   

  • Screening tests – 
  • Mammograms are very important to check for breast cancer. Make a plan with your doctor for your first mammogram.   
  • Bone density test – Discuss with your doctor when you should start getting bone density tests.   
  • PAP tests – There are several schools of thought on how often to get a PAP test, make sure to consult with your doctor and devise a plan that YOU are comfortable with!    
  • Know your cholesterol numbers and keep them in a healthy range.  

Our 50’s

More wisdom and even more confidence are ours, but so is the potential for more serious health problems!  

  • Diet, diet, diet – A focus on what we consume is more important than ever! Consume heart-healthy foods such as leafy greens, whole grains, olive oil, avocados, nuts, low-fat dairy, and fish.  
  • Cut back on that sodium Too much sodium can lead to the “silent killer” high blood pressure! HBP is no joke and can lead to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and kidney disease. Read those possessed food labels – many meals are filled with sodium and should be avoided at any age especially now!   
  • Get moving – Exercise is more important than ever- the expression move it or lose it is never truer than now. Starting slow is an important first step in becoming more active. The little things like parking further from your destination, and starting a walking regime can make a huge difference!   
  • Menopause has arrived, and those perimenopause symptoms are in full gear – Keep that dialogue with your gynecologist ongoing to ensure your transition is a healthy and comfortable one.   
  • Keep those screenings going and on schedule – Now may be the time to add colonoscopies, and heart and lung scans to your test arsenal. As well as immunizations for shingles.  
Stages of Health for Women



Our 60’s And Beyond

Life begins at sixty! Often the children have flown the nest, your work-life balance is more manageable, and the future ahead is full of new possibilities!   

Diet and exercise continue to be the most important components of a healthy aging protocol.   

Add more fiber to keep things moving along, stay hydrated, eat more whole foods, reduce your sugar intake as well as sodium and refrain from eating processed foods that hide a myriad of no-nos. Increase vegetable and fruit intake, and limit alcohol consumption.   

Keep your mind active. Word and memory games keep our minds sharp and engaged.   

Stages of Health for Women



Learn something new – Never stop learning. There is a world of information and knowledge out there just waiting for you to dive in. Take an online class, learn a new skill, and challenge yourself every day.  

Healthy living is within our grasp throughout every decade of our lives. It just takes a little knowledge and a healthy partnership with your healthcare provider to keep you in tip-top shape!   


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