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5 Managing High Blood Pressure Tidbits

5 Managing High Blood Pressure Tidbits

Health Tips for Managing High Blood Pressure


Add a spoonful of Asafoetida in your meals

1. Add Asafoetida To Your Meals

Asafoetida is a natural blood thinner known to help lower blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels. Adding a pinch to your daily meals can help manage high blood pressure.

Lower your sodium intake in meals

2. Cut Down On Sodium

Diets high in salt (sodium) may lead to a stiffening & hardening of blood vessels & high blood pressure. Watch & limit your intake to improve your overall health!

Increase the intake of potassium rich foods

3. Go For Potassium Rich Foods

Potassium reverses the effects of sodium. Higher potassium intake can lead to sodium loss via urination, easing of blood vessel wall tension and subsequent lowering of blood pressure. Mushrooms, bananas, and potatoes are delicious rich sources of potassium!

Loose the extra weight

4. Lose The Extra Inches

Obesity increases your high blood pressure risk. Losing weight may help control BP – generally, blood pressure may go down by about 1 millimeter of mercury (mm Hg) with approximately every 2.2 pounds lost.

Watch over your blood pressure

5. Watch Over Your BP

Regularly checking your blood pressure levels will help you make mindful lifestyle choices to manage high blood pressure. Home BP monitors are widely available without a prescription.