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What is a Blood Glucose Meter?

A blood glucometer is a compact and portable machine used to measure blood glucose levels. Sugar levels can spike after eating a certain food item or from giving yourself a little too big of a break from your diabetes diet. Generally, people with diabetes require a blood glucose check often to keep their condition properly managed, however, anybody can use it to check the sugar levels in the blood. Health Products For You offers a wide range of blood glucose monitors designed to make glucose monitoring easier and quicker. These glucometers are manufactured by leading names of the industry such as Lifescan, Prodigy Diabetes Care, and many others.

How do Blood Glucose Monitors work?

Blood Glucose Monitors: Buying Guide

What should I look for in a Glucometer?

A blood glucose meter should have features necessary to ensure patient safety and comfort. The machine must have functions that align with the needs of the patient. Therefore, it is of great importance to understand and completely take into consideration certain factors before buying a Blood Glucose Meter online. These factors include -

1. Usage

Ideally, the blood glucose meter interface should be intuitive. The results and their description must be shown or displayed easily. Some blood glucose monitors are touch-screen which makes it easier for the user to use them. The size and shape of the monitor should be such that allows the user to have a good grip on it.

2. Portability

The patient should be able to check their blood glucose levels anywhere at any point regardless. The compact design of the glucometer allows the user to do so. Additionally, the small size of the machine makes it easier for the user to carry the machine with them while traveling.

3. Blood Glucose measurement Unit System

The results are shown in different measuring units in different blood glucose monitors. These measuring units include g/l, mg/dl, or in mmol/l. This may lead to complications and confusion amongst diabetic patients while choosing the measurement units. Readings and results may vary depending on the model and measurement unit system.

4. Use of Chip (or Code)

Some Glucometers contain test trips that include specific chips. These chips are discarded once the box is emptied. It is important to correctly adapt the strips to get correct results. The code displayed on the monitor must be the same as the code of the test strip tube. This ensures that the results are accurate. In otherwise case, the measurements must not be made. Some models do not have such a code system.

Where to buy best blood glucose meter online?

Health Products For You understands the value of good health, thus we offer our customers a wide range of medical supplies such as blood glucose monitoring systems. We provide you with glucometers manufactured by our top brands like Abbott, Oak Tree International, and their likes. Explore our catalogue today and find the best products to manage diabetes.

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Frequently asked questions

  • It is advisable to test your blood glucose levels either side of meals, once before eating and an hour after the meal to gauge how meals affect your blood sugar levels.
  • It is a good idea to test before and after sleep until you have a precise idea of whether your sugar levels are rising, falling or staying overnight.

Blood glucose monitors might malfunction and become inaccurate due to aging or if they become dirty, too hot or damp. If the strips are outdated they can lead to inaccurate results. Diabetes monitors should be cleaned regularly, and taken care of like any other electronic device.

Finger stick tests can be painful as there are a high density of nerve endings towards the ends of the fingers. Some monitoring systems exist that allow for Alternate Site Testing. You can use an alternative part of your body to take blood from. This can be the lower arm but first check your meters instructions to see if the meter supports Alternate Site Testing and where it recommends you take blood from. Alternate Site Testing may lead to different results than with finger testing as there can be a lag between blood sugar levels in the fingers and other parts of the body.

Blood glucose monitors are allowed to have up to 20% error in accuracy. Different meters may also vary compared with each other as a result of environmental conditions, such as heat, low temperatures or humidity.

Blood glucose monitors and lab tests do not measure the same thing, these numbers are likely to vary. Lab tests generally test plasma, but a meter uses whole blood. As a result, even if both tests are taken at the exact same time, your meter is likely to show a lower number than the lab results