Glucose Monitors

Glucose Monitors are used to track any fluctuations in the blood glucose levels. They help in keeping an accurate idea of glucose levels in blood, which helps in successful management of diabetes. An extensive range of diabetes blood monitors available at HPFY help in controlling sugar levels through regular supervision. Some blood sugar level monitors can help type 1 diabetic people or those susceptible to ketoacidosis by checking the presence of ketones. Health Products For You provides a wide assortment of glucose monitors from various top-selling manufacturers like Roche Diagnostics, Nipro Diagnostics, Abbott, Lifescan and many more.

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How do Blood Glucose Monitors work?

  • Thoroughly wash your hands before pricking the finger to prevent any sort of infection. 
  • You can also use alcohol wipes to clean the hands, but let the hands dry completely before performing the test.  
  • Place the test strip in the glucose monitor. Then prick the finger to obtain a small drop of blood. You can press the sides of the fingertip to get blood without any discomfort. 
  • Blood is put on the test strip that is placed in the meter. Glucose monitor will then analyze the blood and display the result on the digital screen in few minutes. 
  • Finger pricks do not usually need a bandage. But if there is bleeding more than few drops, you must use a bandage. 
  • It is important to adhere to the guidelines and usage instructions that come with the diabetes blood monitor to get accurate results