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Menopause is the stage in a woman’s life once she has crossed the age of 40 and is brought about by hormonal changes her body experiences. Menopause may also set in before 40 but that occurs under unusual circumstances and is referred to as premature menopause. It could be because of hysterectomy, ovary damage or chemotherapy. Onset of menopause means the ovaries stop producing eggs and it is the end of the woman’s menstrual periods. Menopause signals the end of a woman’s fertility and brings with it several health issues for the woman. Menopause side effects are several but can be overcome if handled correctly. Read up on how you can take a positive approach to menopause and find relief from menopause.

Menopause Symptoms and Solutions

Menopause side effects are menopause mood swings, hot flashes, irritability, depression as well as vaginal dryness, itching and discomfort.

  • Mood swings and depression arise from hormonal fluctuations during menopause. There is increased anxiety, fatigue, irritability and sudden mood changes. Relaxation therapy can go a long way in improving the overall mental and physical state of the person. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, body and head massage and a healthy lifestyle are ways to self-nurture your body and mind.

  • Hot flashes and night sweats can keep you awake at night leaving you drenched in sweat and uncomfortable. These can last for years and have an impact on the mental health of the sufferer. You can bring down incidents of hot flashes by dressing in loose-fitting clothes, using moisture wicking beddings and night clothes. Deep breathing exercises when the hot flashes hit can cool you down. Avoiding caffeine, alcohol, smoking and using herbal remedies can provide some relief.

  • Vaginal dryness is a major symptom of menopause and can have a disturbing impact on your mental well being. Reduction in ovarian hormones causes this dryness. An effective way to get relief from this is to use menopause relief products like vaginal lubricants and vaginal moisturizers from reputed manufacturers. They naturally lubricate and moisturize to help restore a healthy pH to the vagina.

Menopause Products That Are Worth Buying!

Sleepwear For Menopausal Women

There are special sleepwear products for menopause relief for which are designed to keep the menopausal woman cool and comfortable. Night times are especially uncomfortable for women undergoing menopause because of hot flashes and night sweats which can keep you awake. The need of the hour is moisture wicking clothing made of soft fabric that regulate temperature and drive away the moisture keeping the skin dry and cool. There are moisture-wicking pajama sets, nightshirts, fitting robes and nightgowns. Also available are stylish drawstring pants, capris, singlets and shorts from manufacturers like Cool-Jams, etc., that will keep you cool, dry and feeling good all night long.

Menopause Supplements

Menopause supplements are meant to improve your overall mental and physical wellbeing during the menopause phase. Vitamins for menopause have been made from natural extracts to provide you relief from the side-effects of hormonal fluctuations which happens due to decreased estrogen. Menopause supplements help boost energy and bring down fatigue.

Menopause Relief Products

Menopause relief products include nutritional supports that provide a boost to the metabolism of the body, increase energy and improve the overall health of the person. An omega-3 tablet with I-Cool is one such product for menopause relief that helps reduce hot flashes and other health issues due to estrogen deficiency.

Moisture Wicking Bedding

Specially-developed beddings and mattresses are menopause products to keep your nights cool and comfortable. The technology used in the mattress creates a cool and luxurious surface keeping the temperature just right. The user sleeps better because the mattress pad absorbs, stores and releases the excess heat only when she needs it. There are bedsheet sets made of unique dri-release fabric that offer fast drying of perspiration keeping you smelling fresh. Menopausal symptoms can have an impact on the mental and physical health of a woman. The symptoms can be countered with special products for menopause relief. There are several such menopause-specific items to counter menopause side effects. These include special sleepwear, moisture wicking bedding, supplements to cope with hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. These products help in keeping you comfortable and cool during this major change in your life.