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12 Items for Better Breathing

12 Items for Better Breathing
HPFY Staff Writer

As it turns out, we humans need to breathe air in order to survive. Shocking, huh? We can often take this for granted until we develop some type of respiratory issue that can hinder our breathing. As we have seen during this coronavirus pandemic, some of these respiratory ailments can be very serious, if not deadly. Making sure that our airways and breathing are unhindered can become quite important. So how do we ensure that when we are faced with breathing problems we can be sure that our airways remain open and clear? Well, we here at HPFY and point you to 12 great breathing aids that can help you achieve this.

What are the most common Respiratory Issues?

As we manage this current pandemic, I’m sure we have all heard of Covid-19 as well as other respiratory viruses such as SARS, MERS, and of course coronavirus. While these have dominated the headlines in the last year, there are some other common breathing issues that could cause respiratory distress. Some of these maladies can include:

Some of these issues can be relatively minor, but any hindrance of our breathing can make life just a little more miserable. Finding relief or avoiding these respiratory issues can be a godsend.

Shop 12 Best Respiratory Supplies of 2021

Since breathing is quite important to us humans, finding medical aids that can help us restore our breathing can become vital. The market for respiratory devices or aids has a plethora of available options. So how do we choose what is right for us and our specific needs? Let us at HPFY introduce you to these 12 respiratory and breathing aids that may make your breathing and life a little easier:

  1. Roscoe OTC Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    Respiratory ailments negatively affect our blood oxygen levels and this easy to use pulse oximeter allows the user to easily monitor their oxygen saturation levels on the go, therefore allowing for respiratory treatments to begin earlier. It offers fast, accurate oxygen level and heart rate measurements with one-button operation.
  2. Sunset Mini Mesh Nebulizer Adult Mask

    Designed to be used with the Sunset Healthcare Mini Mesh Nebulizer, this simple and comfortable mask easily fits over the mouth and allows the user to deliver an aerosol mist of liquid respiratory prescription drugs such as albuterol for respiratory relief. These masks should be cleaned regularly and replaced every 3 to 6 months for optimum efficacy.
  3. Roscoe Medical Disposable Nebulizer Kit with Adult Mask

    This soft and comfortable mask provides 80% of particles in respirable range for fast and effective treatment. This high quality kit has an easy-seal, threaded cap and a 6 mL anti-spill jar to prevent leakage of costly respiratory medication. That makes this kit easy to use and economical!!
  1. BodyMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    The all-digital technology of this fingertip oximeter is ideal for noninvasive spot-check measurement of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) through the finger for professionals and nonprofessionals alike. The advanced algorithm can diminish the influence of motion on your readings and increase accuracy. The LED panel displays SpO2/pulse rate data with the touch of a single button. Simple, sturdy, and accurate!!
  2. Pari Proneb Max Aerosol Delivery System

    The powerful 1.6 bar compressor of this nebulizer system gives the user one of the highest pressure outputs for durable and reliable respiratory therapies. The quieter, sleek new design provides quick treatments with improved efficacy to those who require frequent aerosol treatments. It is ideal for adult and pediatric patients two years of age or older and is great for clinical facilities as well as in the home.
  3. Pari Wing Tip Tubing

    Designed to be used with Pari LC nebulizer kits, this flexible and easy to use tubing can be used with all standard compressor nebulizer systems. The design of this tubing allows for the easy placement and removal of this tubing from the compressor due to the wing-tipped ends that offer an extra contact surface for a better grip.
  1. McKesson Suction Connecting Tubing

    This tubing is designed to evacuate fluid and debris and connects the suction catheter to the suction canister while being clear and flexible. Both ends of this tubing has two soft female connectors for an easy, secure connection to any standard male connection. A wide range of sizes and configurations make this tubing efficient and extremely cost-effective. It allows for an easy visualization of fluid due to its clear PVC formulation and the striated walls offer superior strength and suction.
  2. McKesson Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    This noninvasive pulse oximeter gives the user spot-check measurements of functional blood oxygen levels and pulse rate. The multi-angle display allows for SpO2 levels between 70%-99% and has an accuracy of +/- 3%. It also gives a pulse range of 30-235 bpm with a 2% accuracy rate and is suitable for adult and pediatric use. The auto off feature allows for longer battery life (2 AAA batteries included) while the low battery alert allows the user to know when to change the batteries.
  3. 3B Medical Lumin CPAP Mask and Accessory Cleaner

    It is recommended by CPAP manufacturers to clean and disinfect your CPAP mask and accessories in order to avoid a buildup of bacteria. This mask and accessory cleaner can be one of the easiest and safest way to disinfect all your CPAP equipment without water, chemicals, or ozone. The simple one touch operation uses UV light to disinfect your equipment in a convenient, odor free five minutes. The use of UV light makes this cleaner 50% more affordable than other CPAP cleaning units.
  1. Ballard Adult Closed Suction T-Piece Catheter System

    For patients on mechanical ventilation, this suction catheter system removes secretions from the airway. The turbulent cleansing action can result in an 89% cleaner catheter tip by reducing the opportunity for contamination from outside pathogens, therefore reducing bacterial colonization. This closed suction system is the only catheter that retracts into a unique and isolated cleaning chamber.
  2. 3B Medical Lumin Bullet CPAP Hose Cleaner

    This UV light hose cleaner is designed to stop the formation of biofilm buildup in your CPAP units hose. It can destroy germs and bacteria in about 60 seconds and is universally compatible with almost every brand and style of CPAP hose and heated tubing. Lightweight and portable, this unit has a USB charger and uses no chemicals for a fast cleaning with no waiting period.
  3. Precision Medical Suction Canister for Easy Go Vac Aspirator

    With a capacity of 800cc, this suction canister can be used with the Precision Medical Easy Go Vac Aspirator and allows for a vacuum not to exceed 25 inHg (635 mmHg). It includes a float shut valve that protects the aspirator from over filling and a self-sealing lid when a vacuum is applied.

Yes, breathing is important to us humans and when our breathing is compromised finding relief becomes a priority. Finding the proper respiratory medical aid to help in this endeavor can be a godsend. You can work with your doctor or respiratory therapist to identify what your specific needs might be and what type of equipment would benefit you. Relax and breathe easier knowing that there are items that can help you regain your independence and quality-of-life!!


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