Incontinence Care: Some Do’s and Don’ts

Incontinence Care: Some Do’s and Don’ts

As we age the issue of incontinence becomes more prominent. Whether it’s a little leak when you cough or giggle an awkward social situation can rear its ugly head. Our skin does not like to be in contact with our urine. It irritates the skin and can create bigger health issues, such as skin breakdown. In order to live with your incontinence properly there are some do’s and don’ts that can help you avoid these issues in the future.

Don’t Believe the Hype, Examine All Your Options

Many people who suffer from incontinence aren’t aware of the many options afforded to them. They think “oh I need diapers, I’ll buy whatever the supermarket has” not realizing there is a world of products out there to help them. One of the biggest mistakes people make is choosing their incontinence supplies based solely on cost. If the product you are using right now is not sufficient try another product. For example, First Quality Prevail offers a variety of different adult briefs such as Belted Shields Undergarments, Breezers Adult Briefs, and Premium Protective Underwear. These all offer a comparable level of protection yet they are different prices. Sometimes lesser-known brands are more absorbent and can be more cost-effective. We are all aware of some of the common brands such as Depends and Tena but there are other lesser-known brands such as Kendall, Tranquility, and Attends. Each of these brands offers many different versions of adult briefs which will allow users flexibility, not only in the protection, but in price. You might even try different products for day and night, such as Kendall Wings Quilted Overnight Adult Briefs for night wear and the Kendall Simplicity 3D Adult Poly Briefs, which may have better results for you.

The Best Way to Wake up in a Dry Bed

Waking up in a wet bed is not only embarrassing, but increases laundry chores. If you are continually waking up and the bed is wet, you might need to rethink your nighttime protection. That might include a different absorbency brief for nighttime or even disposable bed pads. If the briefs you are using are not sufficient, Tena Stretch Super Absorbency Briefs or Attends Homecare Extra Absorbent Adult Breathable Briefs might be a good option for you for overnight and extended wear. Washable for disposable bed pads are also another option to protect mattresses. Many manufacturers offer disposable bed pads. If you need light absorbency, Attends WingFold Light Absorbency Underpads might be suitable for your needs where as the Kendall Wings Maxima Disposable Underpads might be more suitable for more absorbency. Medline offers both a disposable pad in the Ultrasorbs Premium Disposable Underpads and the reusable Sofnit 200 Reusable Underpads. ReliaMed offers consumers the Quilted Reusable Underpads, which are machine washable. Washing a bed pad is better than changing out a sheet set especially in the middle of the night!!

Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals To Clean Urine Out Of Your Mattress!!

Our first instinct when cleaning is to use a chemical-based cleaner. In the case of urine cleanup due to incontinence using an enzyme-based product that attacks the uric acid crystals found in urine is your best bet. The use of harsh chemicals to remove urine and odor from your mattress will only make things worse.

Adult Diapers Aren’t the Only Answer

Some forms of incontinence are treatable and there are less cumbersome and inconspicuous products available. Physical therapy, timed voiding, and even pelvic or Kegel exercises can help with incontinence symptoms. A physical therapist will ask a patient to keep a log or a “bladder diary.” By determining when you go to the bathroom, you can train your bladder when to go. Also, there are incontinence pads, male guards, and even reusable underwear such as the Medline Premium Adult Reusable Incontinence Knit Pants. The manufacturer Salk offers the HealthDri Men’s Moderate Reusable Cotton Briefs and the HealthDri Ladies Heavy Reusable Cotton Panty. These can be washed and re-worn and are discreet and comfortable while still providing you the level of absorbency and protection you need.


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