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Medline Industries is the leading manufacturer of medical products that serve to fulfill almost all the health care requirements of the users. Medline Medical Supplies provides users with essential product lines including wound care, incontinence, urologicals, respiratory, women's health, patient care, mobility, rehabilitation and therapy, daily aids and many more. Medline products are made with patients as the central consideration and help them overcome various physical limitations with great ease and comfort.



Wound Care

Wound care products by Medline Industries are designed to address all the wound-related issues of the users. They include different types of dressings, tapes, bandages, gloves, wound gels, etc., which provide overall protection from wound pathogens and help in faster healing with utmost comfort.


Medline supplies for incontinence are used to serve all the incontinence-related requirements of the users. They include a wide assortment of adult briefs, protective underwear, underpads, washcloths, wipes and many other items to protect users from embarassing situations of incontinence. Medline Industries products manage incontinence while maintaining healthy skin.


Medline products for urology help in better functioning of urinary system. There are foley catheters for continuous catheterization, intermittent catheters for short term catheterization, external catheters exclusively for men and drainage bags to store urine drained from the catheters.


Respiratory products by Medline help individuals in meeting all their respiratory care needs. There are nebulizers, nebulizer masks, suction aspirators, pulse oximeters, oxygen conservers, oxygen regulators, etc. to make breathing an easy and comfortable task for users.

Women's Health

Medline products for women's health include maternity belts, maternity gowns, nursing pads, etc. to take care of maternity requirements of the users. These products are made of soft and comfortable material to give soothing support to the users.

Patient Care

Medline medical products for patient care include products like mattress overlays, hospital beds, homecare beds, medical stools, etc. They help users stay at comfort and allow for faster healing.


Mobility equipments like wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches help users move from one place to another safely and securely. Medline cushions provide comfort while sitting on wheelchairs and help prevent pressure ulcers.

Rehabilitation & Therapy

Rehabilitation and therapy products by Medline Industries help restore physical fitness. Hot and cold packs, abdominal binders, compression stockings, thera putty, etc. keep users active and help relieve pain. They add to the overall well-being of users.

Daily Aids

Daily aids are designed to assist individuals with limited mobility in their day-to-day tasks. Medline Products include grab bars, transfer benches, commode chairs, shower chairs, leg lifters, dressing sticks and many more to allow users to perform their routine tasks independently without any assistance.