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5 Best Reusable Ice Packs For Headache

5 Best Reusable Ice Packs For Headache
Shweta Chaubey

5 Best Reusable Ice Packs For Headache

  1. Polar Migraine And Headache Pain Relief Kit
  2. Polar Migraine And Headache Sinus And Eye Pain Relief Kit
  3. Core Pressure Point Dual Comfort Cold Therapy Pack
  4. Sammons Preston Black Polyurethane X-Tra Durable Cold Packs
  5. BodyMed Blue Vinyl Cold Pack

Throbbing headaches are hard to deal with it. Whether it is an occasional tension-type headache or a chronic migraine headache, treating it is quintessential. Home remedies such as ice packs can prevent one from becoming dependent on painkillers. Prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs can help. However, popping pills too often can do more harm than good.  

 Applying an ice pack has a numbing effect, which can dull the pain. The use of ice for headaches and migraines isn't a new-age practice. Cold therapy for headaches dates back as many as 150 years ago. No wonder why for the treatment of pain and inflammation, ice is always the first resort. 

Cold therapy is perhaps one of the most common self-help headache treatments for migraine without aura. But how does ice curb headaches? This question has the potential of bugging just anybody at any time. Here is how ice works for head pain. 

How does an ice pack help a headache? 

Experts suggest that the cold constricts blood vessels and helps reduce the neurotransmission of pain to the brain. So instead of registering the pain, the brain registers the coldness felt due to ice. 

Studies have found that applying a neck ice pack at the onset of a migraine significantly reduces pain. It is also believed that the cooling pack cools down the blood flow to the carotid artery present in the neck and helps reduce the inflammation in the brain and relieve the pain. 

How to use a reusable cold pack? 

To treat a headache, a cold pack must be applied for about 15-20 minutes over the head. The method of using ice for headaches also makes a big difference. Therefore, it is essential to consult a medical professional to understand which ways can help one get rid of migraine headaches quickly.  

Medical experts and chiropractors recommend applying ice over the targeted area or at the base of the skull. One of the most effective ways to use ice for headaches is to keep the ice on for 20 minutes, take it off for an hour, and then repeat it until the pain subsides. When one puts the ice pack on, they should experience these feelings in a specific order -  

  • coldness 
  • burning sensation 
  • aching sensation 
  • numbness 

Once the stage of numbness is reached, remove the ice. It is worth remembering that using an ice pack for too long may damage the skin. Additionally, stop using the ice immediately if the burning sensation is too intense. Some skin types have hypersensitivity to cold

5 Best Reusable Ice Packs for Headaches 

Polar Migraine And Headache Pain Relief Kit

Polar Migraine and Headache Pain Relief Kit works by numbing the area to dull the pain and help relax the tense muscles contributing to the headache. The universal design of the ice pack for the head can also be used on the forehead, over the eyes, or around the neck. It delivers optimal cold or hot therapy with gentle and adjustable compression. The soft cotton backing of the cold pack for headaches absorbs moisture and helps protect the skin. It comprises insulated thera-temp moist heat eye & sinus wrap, a soft ice neck & head wrap, and six 3" x 8" soft ice-cool/heat packs. This migraine relief kit offers cold compression and moist heat therapy with two convenient wraps.

Polar Migraine And Headache Sinus And Eye Pain Relief Kit

Polar Migraine and Headache Sinus and Eye Pain Relief Kit is created with an all-natural, recycled, and biodegradable formula and offers cold compression and moist heat therapy. The reusable and non-toxic cold pack for severe headache deliver comfortable, deep-penetrating cold or hot therapy to injured joints, ligaments, and muscles. The heat wrap transfers heat out of the injured area and offers relief. Whereas cold therapy provides instant relief from inflammation on the forehead, over the eyes, or across the jaw.

Core Pressure Point Dual Comfort Cold Therapy Pack

This pack uses a unique combination of pressure point therapy and cold therapy to help relieve headaches, low-back pain, and muscle soreness. The linked therapy balls of the Core Pressure Point Dual Comfort Cold Therapy Pack encased in a cold therapy gel are ergonomically positioned to fit pressure points at the base of the skull or lower back. The Core Pressure can be used at room temperature or cooled to help with headaches, ankle sprains, and arm pain, to name a few.

Sammons Preston Black Polyurethane X-Tra Durable Cold Packs

Sammons Preston Black Durable Cold Packs are made of durable polyurethane for longer shelf life and to resist bursting. The substance makes it malleable, allowing you to mold it to your body and making it easier to use several times. Unlike regular ice packs, Sammons Preston Cold packs stay cold for as long as 30 minutes.

BodyMed Blue Vinyl Cold Pack

BodyMed Blue Vinyl Cold Pack is ideal for anybody looking for 30-minute-long soothing cryotherapy. It can be used over and over without splitting, dripping, or leaking and features a durable blue vinyl cover that avoids instances of splitting, tearing, cracking, punctures, and repeated cycles of freezing and thawing, making it a reliable, mess-free product for migraine pain relief.


Where can I buy an ice pack for headache relief? 

Since 2002, Health Products For You has been your partner in health and wellness. We are a customer-centric health and medical supplies e-commerce website that offers a wide range of headaches and migraine relief supplies and more, including the best cold packs for headaches from leading names in the industry. Shop today and reap the benefits of good health and wellness.    

If these OTC treatments and home remedies seem ineffective in curbing the symptoms of a headache or a migraine, talking to a doctor can be a good idea. Chronic daily headaches can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition.  



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