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Easing Your Migraine Pain

Easing Your Migraine Pain
Kevin Cleary

Nothing can ruin your day more than the pain associated with a migraine headache. To steal a line from the old Excedrin commercials, “I’ve got an Excedrin headache this big” does not even begin to describe the suffering those affected by these headaches endure. Unfortunately, migraine headaches cannot be cured, so finding a way to minimize or alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with them can become imperative.

Symptoms Associated with Migraine Headaches

Most people have suffered from headaches from time to time, but migraine headaches are a beast of another color. They can be significantly more painful and last much longer, while accompanied by other maladies such as nausea or sensitivity to light and sound. lists several symptoms including: blurred vision, bright flashing dots/lights, abdominal pain, and loss of appetite among others. Even sensitivity to smells and odors can accompany a migraine headache. Of course, since each person is different, so are the symptoms for each individual. For instance, one symptom that you may suffer from, but may be absent to another person, is a terrible pain behind your eyes or even the inability to speak can be a calling card of a migraine. While these symptoms may be different, the one common denominator is that a migraine headache can bring your day to a screeching halt. As anyone who has been affected by one of these monsters can attest, finding relief is paramount!!

Make It Stop!!

If a migraine headache can be described as a living hell, relief must be bliss!! The question is how do we achieve this? Since a migraine headache is a neurological condition with no cure, we must look to treating or easing the symptoms and getting you back on your feet. One way to combat the symptoms of a migraine headache is to use a mask over your eyes. The BIOflex Eye Mask is ideal for relieving stress as well as headaches. It utilizes concentric circle magnets to improve circulation and reduce pain. With sensitivity to light associated with migraine headaches, the IMAK Eye Pillow Or Pain Relief Mask with Massaging ErgoBeads can help by conforming to your face and eyes blocking out light. It is freezer safe so cold therapy can be applied to the eye area. For relieving tension at the base of the skull and neck area, the Magister Occipivot Pivotal Therapy System treats the soft tissue at the base of the neck. Sometimes cold or ice applied to the neck area can alleviate the pain associated with a migraine headache. The Core Headache Ice Pillow is designed to provide rest and cold therapy for relief from migraine/tension headaches. It is used while sitting and can be a great travel companion!! To protect the pillow, use the Core Headache Ice Pillow Case by just slipping it over the pillow. Its polyester/cotton material is durable as well as soft and comfortable. Another way to apply cold therapy to the back of the neck is to use the Core Pressure Point Dual Comfort Cold Therapy Pack . It uses linked therapy balls in a cold therapy gel to apply ergonomically positioned pressure at the base of the skull and neck area. It can be used at room temperature, but for migraines they can be cooled for greater relief. One way to apply both cold and moist heat is the Acu-Life Therapod Thermal Relief Moist Heat and Cold Therapy Pad . Since all migraines are different, maybe moist heat as well as cold therapy can help you. This soothing two in one pad can bring relief for your pounding head.

 Easing Your Migraine Pain

Think Outside the Box

Finding what works for you might end up being a matter of trial and error. For many people, pain relievers such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin paired with caffeine can ease or relieve your symptoms. Since relaxation and quiet can help, try thinking outside of the box. You might try aromatherapy (unless sensitivity to smell is something that accompanies your migraine headache). Find a relaxing, soothing aroma that pleases you and utilize the Aromatherapy Scent Air Flow Tube . Simply place a few drops of scented oil on the pad, insert the pad into the tube, and then allow the fan to gently fill the room with your soothing scent. Another option is the Aromatherapy Fan with Oils for creating a quiet relaxing environment. Each person and headache is different, so find what works for you and go with it!!


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