Neck Cold Packs

Neck Cold Packs can help in the treatment of acute or chronic neck pain, neck arthritis, facet joint pain, and bulging discs. They even help in managing neck stiffness and inflammation and restoring normal neck motion. By controlling pain and swelling, neck ice packs can speed up recovery of a stiff neck and shoulder injury. Applying ice to your neck can often be a challenging task due to the typical contour of neck. We at HPFY, offer you a wide variety of neck cold packs which will make ice application to your neck a simple task. Choose from the top-selling manufacturers such as Chattanooga, Fabrication, North Coast, and many more @ attractive prices.

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How do Neck Cold Packs help?

Ice pack for neck pain helps in treating the following conditions:
  • Neck pain from repetitive stress and strain 

  • Neck injuries due to sports 

  • Whiplash from a car accident .

  • Stiffness from restless sleep 

  • Neck arthritis