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Give The Gift Of Health This Christmas

Anushree Kothari

The holiday season is back and with it comes an abundance of joy and gifts. Gifts are a great way to give your loved ones a token of appreciation, love, and happiness. This holiday season give them the gift of health and wellbeing. Confused about what should you give? This is an overwhelming question at times. Most gifts are overrated or under used. You always want to give something that might be useful, especially if they are aging or in need of assistance with their daily tasks. HPFY is right here to help you choose the right gift in an easier way. We have compiled a holiday gift guide for you for this holiday season. The ideas listed below will help alleviate the stress of your loved one’s daily routines and also be a great contributor to their health and wellness.

Big Season Sale Going On Now Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

This season we bring to you a bumper series of sales and discount weekends including Cyber Monday deals, Black Friday deals, Thanksgiving offers, Christmas Day sales, and Boxing Day offers. Grab these deals with holiday gift discount codes and buy amazing gifts with reduced or free shipping and huge discounts!

Big Season Sale Going On Now

1. Homecraft Queens Angled Cutlery

For an independent mealtime!

What’s a better gift than adaptive cutlery for people with hand tremors and limited or reduced dexterity? Homecraft Queens Angled Cutlery is one such product that makes mealtime more independent and less messy. Its lightweight stainless steel material is easy to hold and built-up plastic handles are comfortable for those with a weak or painful grasp. Angled cutlery is excellent for personal and clinical purposes. It is dishwasher safe as well.



Buy Drive ZooMe Three-Wheel Recreational Scooter on holiday sale


2. Drive ZooMe Three-Wheel Recreational Scooter

Something that boosts mobility!

Drive ZooMe 3 Wheel Electric Scooter can be a great Christmas gift for someone who likes to take a stroll around, but cannot walk longer distances. ZooMe provides personal transportation to people of all age groups, it's great for mobility or recreational use. Its removable seat gives an option to the user to sit or stand while riding. The slow and fast speed settings of this scooter change easily with the press of a button.



discount online shopping on BMMI Eye Mask


3. BMMI Eye Mask

Perfect for stress relief!

Anyone who is prone to stress and needs relaxation, BMMI Eye Mask can help. It contains two concentric circle magnets that provides relief from stress, sinus problems and headaches. The magnetic field created by this mask increases blood circulation, thereby accelerating the natural healing process of the body. It helps in reducing swelling, which is a major source of musculoskeletal pain. Good for anyone on your list!



best online discounts on Norco Mini Vibrator Manual Massager


4. Norco Mini Vibrator Manual Massager

A handy and effective massager!

Massagers are always appreciated! Norco Mini Vibrator is a massager that helps with scar massage, oral stimulation, muscle stimulation, desensitization, and sensory re-education. Its three natural silicone heads are in the shape of a ball, spot, and flat disc are used to massage small muscle areas. The cap is used to massage broader muscle areas. Norco massager easily fits in a briefcase or a travelling bag and can be carried along anywhere.



best online shopping deals on CanDo Theraputty Standard Exercise Putty


5. CanDo Theraputty Standard Exercise Putty

Something that develops a good grip!

CanDo Theraputty Exercise Putty is a good Christmas gift for those who have a weak hand grip. It is a resistive hand exercise material that comes in different consistencies. The putty is color-coded and ranges from xx-soft for strengthening a weak grip to extra firm for developing a stronger grip. It comes in easy-to-open plastic containers of different volumes for use at home. Theraputty material does not dry and is casein, gluten, and latex free.



best online shopping deals on GlucanPro 3000 Oat Beta Glucan Occlusive Ointment


6. GlucanPro 3000 Oat Beta Glucan Occlusive Ointment

A wound cream with multiple benefits!

GlucanPro 3000 Oat Beta Glucan Cream is a burn and wound cream that helps heal the body, decrease pain, and reduce scarring. It forms an occlusive barrier over the site to retain moisture and prevent heat loss. Its consistency provides coverage that remains in place, making it easier for hard to cover areas and post-resurfacing procedures. Gift GlucanPro 3000 to the loved one on your list that needs a wonderful cream for rapid wound healing.



Buy Freedom Long Flexible Drinking Straw on Shopping Season Sale


7. Freedom Long Flexible Drinking Straw

An aid for easy drinking!

Freedom Drinking Straw is a comfortable drinking aid that makes it easier to drink liquid from a mug or class. Its 2-inch long flexible section can be adjusted to the best angle for effortless drinking. A blue cap covers the mouthpiece of the straw for hygienic purposes. This drinking straw is made of polypropylene and can be easily washed and reused. Give it to your loved one to add freedom and convenience in their lives.



Buy Insulated Mug With Lid on Big holiday sale


8. Insulated Mug With Lid

Drinking made easier and safer!

Insulated Mug is the perfect present for individuals with a limited grasp or weak grip. It is a polypropylene mug that comes with an easy-to-grasp handle. It holds a variety of hot and cold beverages at a consistent temperature. Its ergonomic lid helps in regulating the flow of liquid for easier drinking. This type of mug is specially helpful for the elderly  or individuals with limited dexterity.



Buy Sammons Preston Complete Hip Replacement Kit on holiday sales 2020


9. Sammons Preston Complete Hip Replacement Kit

A pampering kit for hip surgery!

Hip surgery hampers the independence of an individual for a time. Hip kits like Sammons Preston Hip Replacement Kit prove to be very helpful as they bring back the independence of the user to a certain extent. These kids include products like a sock aid, dressing stick, reacher, shoehorn, a bath sponge, sometimes even a raised toilet seat and elastic shoelaces. A great way to pamper a loved one on their road to recover.



best online discounts on Califone Hush Buddy Hearing Protector


10. Califone Hush Buddy Hearing Protector

A trendy protection from noise!

This holiday season get a present for your child that they will be happy to wear and proves to be beneficial for them. Designed for hearing protection, the Hush Buddy Hearing Protector is great for children who prefer quiet for sensitivity reasons. Califone Hush Buddy Hearing Protector has cushioned ear pads on each earmuff that block the maximum amount of external noise. The padded headband makes Hush Buddy comfortable to wear for long periods of time.



Choosing the best gift is all about that moment when you see a smile bloom across a face. Shop from the above-mentioned products and show your love and care in the best possible way to your friends and family.  



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