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5 Benefits of Compression Bras

5 Benefits of Compression Bras
Sailaxmi Chennuru

What are compression bras?

After breast surgery, a compression bra can be a women’s best friend. Also known as post-surgical bras, compression bras are designed specifically to help support the healing process with gentle compression to the targeted area. They provide needed support while being extremely comfortable. These bras help relieve pain and swelling, keep implants in the correct position, accommodate drain tubes, and reduce post-surgical scarring.

Compression bras are worn right after surgery and may need to be worn for 2-4 weeks depending on the type of surgery and the rate of recuperation. They should be worn 24/7 and removed only while taking a shower.

5 Benefits of Compression Bras 

1. Reduces recovery time

Strategically located compression points throughout the post-surgical bra work to increase blood flow around the surgical site. Improved blood circulation can help build new tissues which are vital for recovery. Proper circulation also helps manage pain and swelling and reduces the risk of infection, making the recovery process quicker and easier.

HPFY’s Choice: Amoena Sina Seamless Post-Surgical Bra

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Designed to immobilize and stabilize the breast for effective recovery, this post-surgical bra protects sensitive scar tissue after any kind of breast surgery including mastectomy, lumpectomy bra inserts, breast augmentation, or reduction. Compression bras offer medium compression and are hygienically packed for direct application after surgery.

Benefits of Amoena Sina Seamless Compression Bra 

  • Hygienically prepared for direct use in the operating room.
  • Offers targeted pressure to support lymphatic drainage and the healing process.
  • Stabilizes the surgical area through special knitted zones in the lower cup area.
  • Strong, stretchable material offers optimal fit and compression.
  • Hook and eye front closure provide easy access to the surgical site for dressing changes.
Amoena Sina Seamless Post-Surgical Bra



2. Prevents formation of blood clots 

Blood clots are a significant risk with any surgical procedure. Wearing a compression bra can help promote effective circulation, reducing the risk of complications.

HPFY’s Choice: Amoena Pamela Seamless Post-Surgery Bra

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Pre-washed and hygienically packed, this bra is suitable for direct clinical use immediately after surgery. The seamless technology provides an accurate fit and adapts to breast size and shape. This surgical compression bra offers the highest level of compression to stimulate lymphatic drainage for optimal wound healing.

Benefits of Amoena Pamela Seamless Surgical Bra

Amoena Pamela Seamless Post-Surgical Bra



3. Protects surgical incisions

A regular bra with an underwire can irritate the skin and increase scarring. For optimal recovery, it is essential to wear bras that do not put undue stress on the breast. A compression bra is often seamless and wire-free to protect the surgical area and prevent skin irritation.

HPFY’s Choice: Amoena Emilia Seamless Surgical Bra

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Designed with comfort in mind to make the healing process as convenient and easy as possible. The Amoena Emilia Seamless Surgical Bra is worn after a compression bra is no longer needed but before you are ready for regular lingerie. Made with a high cotton content fabric, this postop bra is extremely comfortable and perfect for skin that has healed but may still be sensitive. Seamless circular knitting technology reduces the risk of friction and irritation.

Why choose Amoena Emilia Front Closure Post-Surgical Bra? 

  • Front closures make dressing and undressing comfortable and pain-free.
  • Seamless fabric protects sensitive skin.
  • Integrated mesh on the sides and under the bust offers optimal ventilation and comfort.
  • Adjustable straps behind the shoulders for easy fit and comfort.
  • Wider under band for support and stability.
Amoena Emilia Seamless Post-Surgical Bra



4. Facilitates easier dressing

Pain and tenderness after surgery can make it challenging to move your arms in order to put on a traditional bra. Post-surgical bras feature front closures with zippers or hook-and-eye fasteners, which make it easier to dress independently without over-stretching your arms. These bras also feature over-the-shoulder Velcro straps for easy wearing and access to drainage ports and wound dressings.

HPFY’s Choice: McKesson Surgi-Bra II Post-Surgical Bra

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Designed to provide quick access to the surgical site for dressing changes and therapeutic breast support. This surgical bra offers light compression following breast procedures such as augmentation, reduction, mastopexy, and biopsy. The cotton/spandex blend securely holds dressings in place without tape or wraps.

Features of McKesson Surgical Bra

  • VELCRO brand hook and loop fasteners on straps for easy access to the surgical area.
  • Familiar bra-like styling for a natural look under clothing.
  • Full coverage.
  • Latex-free.
McKesson Surgi-Bra II Post-Surgical Bra



5. Prevents post-operative complications

With gentle compression and support, the post-surgery bra helps prevent post-surgical complications such as lymphedema, shifting of implants, excessive postoperative pain, swelling, scarring, and infections, and also prevents bruising and hematomas.

Lymphedema is a major risk with breast surgeries and occurs when lymph fluid builds up in the tissues around the surgical site. A compression bra encourages the flow of lymph fluid away from tissues, preventing lymphedema.

HPFY’s Choice: Prairie Wear Hugger Prima Compression Bra

Designed to feel like a hug, this compression bra offers support and comfort and adapts easily to individual body types. Offers 360-degree mapped compression that supports where you need it most making it ideal for lymphedema management. 

Benefits of Prairie Lymphedema Compression Bra 

  • Breast pockets for additional compression padding, prosthetics, or ice. 
  • Larger cup-size security for high-impact exercise, or running.
  • Allows easy port access for chemotherapy with non-irritating straps.  
  • Offers full coverage.
  • Wire-free, antibacterial, and moisture-wicking.
Prairie Wear Hugger Prima Compression Bra



How to choose the Best Compression Bra?

The right post-surgical bra can make all the difference when recovering. A good compression bra should provide support, improve patient comfort, and allow easy access to the surgery site for effective wound care. Some key features to look for in a surgical compression bra include:

  • Size: Selecting the proper size of the surgical bra is crucial otherwise it could affect the shape and health of your breasts. Make sure to look at the size chart to determine the correct size.  A well-fitting post-surgical compression bra can alleviate swelling and aid in healing.
  • No underwire: Most post-op bras are wire-free because a  wire can cause friction and irritation at the surgery site. Wire-free bras can prevent such complications.
  • Pockets: To accommodate a post-surgery prosthesis, ice, or extra compression padding, look for a compression bra with pockets.
  • Soft fabric:  Soft and stretchy fabric provides comfort after surgery. Bras made of a material such as cotton will help the skin breathe and stay cool when the weather is warm. 
  • Adjustability: Surgical bras should have adjustable straps and closures to make dressing and undressing easy, without twisting or stretching. 

Where to buy the post-surgical bra online?

HPFY offers a vast selection of mastectomy supplies including compression bras for breast surgeries and the management of lymphatic diseases. We carry all the best from the leading names in the industry. Shop now for the ultimate in health and well-being.


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