Lymphedema Pads

Lymphedema pads are recommended if you have pockets of pronounced swelling, scarring and hardening of soft tissue beneath the skin. These pads are helpful in breaking down problematic areas. Foam pads can be placed under bandages or compression garments to reduce swelling on swell spots by applying constant but gentle pressure thereby help in restoring body parts to their normal shape. Lymphedema foam pads come in different shapes for different parts of the body. Your therapist will show you how to place these pads under compression bandages or garments.

Foam pads or swell spots are used as a part of lymphedema management program by providing localized compression to specific parts of the body. In areas of stagnant and concentrated protein-heavy lymphatic fluid, localized targeted pressure and compression can help in breaking down the concentration creating a softer skin area. Lymphedema pads come in various shapes sizes and designs to meet individual needs of people with lymphedema.

Buy lymphedema pads for various parts of the body like armpit, female and male genitals, palm, dorsum, fossa etc. Try the JoViPak Serratus Anterior Lymphedema Pad for compression in the armpit and breasts, or the Lohmann & Rauscher Swell Spots Edema and Scar Pad for multipurpose usage and many more available at best prices on HPFY.

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