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5 Best Front Closure Bras For Mastectomy

5 Best Front Closure Bras For Mastectomy
HPFY Staff Writer

Undergoing a mastectomy is a life-changing event for many women. For post-surgical recovery, finding comfortable and supportive bras that promote healing and help restore confidence becomes crucial. One excellent option for mastectomy patients is a front-closure bra.

With their unique design and practical benefits, front-closure mastectomy bras offer comfort, convenience, and aesthetic appeal that can significantly improve the post-mastectomy experience.  

Here are 5 best front closure bras that are standouts. 

5 Best Front Closure Bras 

1. ABC Leisure Mastectomy Bra Style 110

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved Made in USA Made In USA

Designed for women post mastectomy or breast surgery, has a comfortable, soft fabric that prevents pain or skin sensitivity on healing scars. The front closure in this post-surgical bra makes wearing and removing the bra an easy process. It has wide straps for additional support. The cotton and spandex material make it a breathable, comfortable bra. 

Benefits of ABC Front Close Bra Style 110 

  • Soft cups with an average profile 
  • Ideal for after post-surgical recovery 
  • Offers a gentle support 
  • Comes with cotton and spandex pockets 
  • Front closure for easy on-and-off 

ABC Front Closure Bras Customer Review


08/03/2022 by Carol B. "The ABC 110 bra is so comfortable for daywear and sleep wear too. It's breathable fabric makes the summer time heat more bearable."

ABC Leisure Mastectomy Bra Style 110


2. ABC Front Close Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 123

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved Made in USA Made In USA

The front closure pattern offers convenience in wearing the bra. It has soft fiber-fill cups that offer a contoured and feminine look. This ABC mastectomy bra helps provide support, comfort, and shape to the chest area post breast surgery. 

Features of ABC Front Closure Bra Style 123 

  • Extra soft material offers impeccable support 
  • Jacquard fabric features the ABC signature rose for a feminine flair 
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to fit 
  • Soft, fiber-fill cups provide lift and separation 
  • Wireless

ABC Post Surgical Front Closure Bra Customer Review


07/03/2019 by Olivia S. "It fits great and the price is very reasonable. When buying in a retail the minimum I've been charged is $50.00 for the same product."

ABC Front Close Rose Contour Mastectomy Bra Style 123


3. ABC Rose Contour T-Back Bra Style 133

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Soft, fibrefill cups of the bra provide lift, while the T Back design helps keep the bra straps from slipping off the shoulders and evenly distributes weight for added support and comfort. This T Back front close wireless mastectomy bra features hook & eye closure making it easier to put on and off.  

Features of ABC T-Back Front Fastening Bra 

  • T back and jacquard design 
  • Stretch straps make for a comfortable fit 
  • Offers post-surgical recovery

ABC Front Closure Bras Customer Review


08/26/2022 by Diane W. "I have used these bras for a year and a half... I like the fact that the straps don’t slip off my shoulders. They get stretched out after a year and must be replaced. Good product"

ABC Rose Contour T-Back Bra Style 133


4. Amoena Frances Wire Free Front Closure Bra 2128

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

Ideal for a comfortable and relaxed feel. It is one of our best-selling front closure wireless bras that does not contain a hard metal lining to make the breast feel comfortable. The front fasteners make wearing and removing easier and the pocketed design of the bra holds the breast forms, prostheses, and padding securely in its place.  

Features of Amoena Frances Front Closure Wireless Bra 

  • Made with ultra-soft cotton fabric. 
  • Offers soothing comfort to sensitive skin. 
  • Ideal for those with limited mobility. 
  • The bra cups follow the shape of a breast form closely to ensure a perfect fit.

Amoena Front Close Mastectomy Bra Customer Review


03/29/2021 by Harriet M. "Nice fitting bra for a hard to fit body after a double mastectomy. So happy it fastens in the front."

Amoena Frances Wire Free Front Closure Bra 2128


5. Classique 732 Post Mastectomy Fashion Bra

FSA Eligible Items FSA Approved

The light fiber-filled floral print satin tricot cups of Classique front close bra make it easy to adjust and provide excellent support. The FSA-approved bra is ideal for women with restricted mobility due to surgery, arthritis, or lymphedema. It has pockets made of cotton or spandex to accommodate prostheses.  

Features of Classique 732 Post Mastectomy Front Clip Bra 

  • Comes with wide padded straps adjustable in the back. 
  • Offers optimal support to the affected area. 
  • Offers soothing comfort to the skin.

Classique Front Closure Bras Customer Review


08/17/2019 by Margaret "The bra fit and it had a pocket so I can add additional padding. Easy front closure. I was pleased."

Classique 732 Post Mastectomy Fashion Bra


Benefits of front closure bras 

there are 5 reasons to choose front closing bras -

1. The design 

Front closure bras, as the name suggests, feature a closure mechanism at the front of the garment, typically in the form of hooks, snaps, or zippers. The design is particularly advantageous for mastectomy patients with limited mobility or soreness in the chest area after surgery. 

2. Make dressing easier 

Front-closure bras simplify the process of dressing and undressing. Women no longer need to twist or stretch their arms to reach behind their backs, reducing strain and potential complications during healing.  

3. Smoother recovery  

The convenience of front-closure bras can significantly contribute to smoother post surgical recovery and improved overall well-being. 

4. Addresses body image issues 

Many women feel insecure about their appearance and body image post-mastectomy. Front-closure bras address these concerns by offering various styles, colors, and designs that cater to different preferences.

5. Variety of options 

From seamless and wireless options to lace and embellished designs, front-closure bras are available in multiple choices that provide functionality and make mastectomy patients feel beautiful and confident. 

At HPFY explore a wide range of mastectomy bras of varied kinds and pick the one that suits your needs the best. 


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