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Lumpectomy also known as the breast conservation surgery. More than half of the breast cancer cases qualify for lumpectomy especially those who are detected early in the course. Lumpectomy surgery removes the cancerous lump with some amount of healthy tissue. This surgery is normally followed by a radiation therapy to save as much breast tissue as possible. At HPFY you can find partial breast forms for post-lumpectomy in varying sizes and shapes like Classique 517 Partial Post Lumpectomy Silicone Breast Form or the Trulife 533 Evenly You Triangle Partial Breast Form and many more to fit your requirement along with fit kits for professional fitters by top manufacturers like Classique, Jovipak , American Breast Care, Trulife etc. at best prices at HPFY.

The following investigations need to be carried out by a medical professional prior to surgery:

  • How many primary tumors are present?
  • Size of the tumor in comparison to the breast?
  • The exact location of the tumor?
  • Pregnancy?
  • History of prior radiation therapies in the breast area?

A lumpectomy is possible if none of the above investigations produce a true outcome.

Benefits of Lumpectomy over a Mastectomy

  • Lumpectomy is a shorter procedure than mastectomy
  • It has a shorter recovery period
  • Recurrence rate is lower
  • If the lump is not very deep within, lumpectomy may result in minimal loss of the breast tissue
  • You can maintain much of your natural shape after a lumpectomy

Balancing imperfections with Partial Breast Forms

Lumpectomy also leads to imperfections and asymmetry. These may be visible after the effects of the surgery like swelling goes away. Asymmetry can result from the amount of breast tissue removed or as a result of radiation therapy. In order to balance out the shape you might want to consider a partial breast form. Partial breast forms are designed to fill, conceal and even out the asymmetry after radiation or post breast conservation surgery. These prosthesis can also be used for naturally uneven breasts. Bra inserts come in various shapes sizes and thickness and can be carried easily inside a pocketed bra.