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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition in which a man cannot achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. ED is common and can be caused by physical or psychological factors or a combination of both. It affects about 30 million American men. Fortunately, the penis pump is one of the treatment choices that might help fix erectile dysfunction. We at HPFY bring you a wide range of ED vacuum pumps for sale to help you regain control over your sexual health.

What is a penis pump? 

A penis pump, also called a vacuum pump for ED, is a mechanical device that fits over the penis and creates a vacuum around the penis, which causes blood to be drawn into the penis, resulting in an erection needed for sex.  

It can be helpful to those who experience erectile dysfunction because of diabetes, post-prostate surgery, or poor blood flow to the penis. Although it will not cure ED on its own, it can help improve the quality of erections and the sex lives of those living with the condition. 

A penis vacuum pump offers a safe and effective alternative to drugs and more invasive procedures like implants. Also, these pumps can be used in conjunction with ED medications such as Viagra. HPFY offers manual and electric penis pumps for sale that are comfortable and convenient to use. 

Components of vacuum pump: 

A penis vacuum pump typically consists of the following: 

What do penis pumps do?

People with ED often have issues with blood flowing into the penis and engorging the tissues. Also, the band of tissues at the base of the penis may not tighten as they should, causing blood to escape. With the suction it provides, a penis vacuum pump can help draw blood into the penis and keep it there to achieve an erection. 

Benefits of erectile dysfunction pump 

How to use an ED pump? 

Who should not use it? 

Penile pumps are generally considered safe. A penis cylinder with too much air pressure may cause minor bleeding under the surface of the skin. Vacuum erectile devices are not appropriate for people if they: 

Safety tips on penile pump use 


1. Do I need a prescription for a penis vacuum pump? 

Vacuum erection devices are available with or without a prescription. However, it is good to check with your doctor to make sure that you buy a suitable product.  

2. How often should you use a vacuum pump for ED?

One can use the penile pump, including the FDA-approved penis pumps, multiple times a day if needed if one uses it correctly and safely. 

3. Can penis pumps enlarge my penis? 

Due to an increase in blood flow in the penis, the length and girth of the penis may increase temporarily and promote sexual function. It typically lasts around 30 minutes. 

4. Are there any side effects of using a penile pump? 

Penis vacuum pumps can cause side effects like pain, bruising, and swelling, but they are relatively low risk when used correctly. However, over-pumping the device or leaving it on for long periods can cause tissue damage, impairing erections and sexual function. 

Where to buy vacuum pump erectile dysfunction online?

HPFY carries innovative and efficacious ED vacuum pumps for sale from esteemed manufacturers like Encore, Timm Medical, Firma Medical, etc., at affordable prices. Shop now to improve your sexual performance! 

Our best penis pumps 

  1. Encore ImpoAid Battery Vacuum Erection Device 
  2. Encore Deluxe Battery And Manual Vacuum Erection Device 
  3. Firma VED Ultra Vacuum Erection Device 

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Frequently asked questions

Vacuum Therapy uses absolute natural means to achieve natural, sustainable erections without the use of any drugs, chemicals, or invasive procedures. 90% of the clients find relief with erection therapy systems, regardless of the underlying cause of their Erectile Dysfunction.

ED is due to lack of blood flow into the penis, Vaccum therapy device pumps fresh blood into the penis in order to cause an erection. A constriction ring then plays its part in maintaining the erection.

Yes this Vaccum therapy devices are safe and are clinically approved for treatment of ED.

Untreated erectile dysfunction can cause psychological problems like: 

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • decreased self-esteem
  • stress

  • Vacuum therapy pumps are very effective and work for over 90% of men
  • It is the only ED Treatment approved by the FDA, 
  • Individuals who choose to vacuum erection device immediately begin to see the benefits of this non-invasive treatment option 
  • This pump naturally treats the disorder without medications or invasive procedures and therefore have only a few side effects or drawbacks of its use.