Sports Nutrition: Choosing the Right Supplements for Athletic Performance

Sports Nutrition: Choosing the Right Supplements for Athletic Performance

What is Sports Nutrition?

Sports nutrition is the study and practice of nutrition and diet for improved athletic performance. It largely focuses on the type and quantity of fluids and food items an athlete must take. It also concerns nutrient consumption, such as vitamins, minerals, supplements, and organic substances, including carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Sports nutrition provides a well-structured nutrition plan that enables all active adults, athlete and non-athlete alike, to function at their peak capabilities. The body must fulfill its nutritional requirements to fuel its energy demands.

Nutrition plans for sports are uniquely crafted for each person to meet their individual goals. There must be enough thought and care behind them. The reckless use of sports supplements, for example, may have serious repercussions. Therefore, one must first consult ones sports nutritionist before opting to buy sports nutrition supplements.

Why is Sports Nutrition important?

Nutrition is the key to unlocking your body's true potential. That goes for everyone but even more so for sportspersons. The foods they eat impact their strength and training, performance, and recovery or wound healing. Sports nutrition is an integral part of training regimens such as weightlifting, bodybuilding, and endurance sports like cycling, running, swimming, and rowing among others. It is arguably the very foundation of athletic performance.

Five Advantages of Good Nutrition

  • Maintains healthy body weight 
  • Boosts immunity 
  • Delays the effects of aging 
  • Decreases muscle pain 
  • Increases respiratory muscle functions

How to choose the right Sports Nutrition Supplement?

In general, important nutrients are derived from the foods in an everyday balanced diet such as carbs, fat, protein, and certain micronutrients. However, it is near impossible to obtain nutrients solely from organic food products alone. That’s where sports nutrition supplements come in.

Sports supplements are essential for athletes to meet the energy demands of high endurance exercises and intense training. There are three categories of these supplements:

1. Based on Ingredients

Supplements rich in certain ingredients are vital for the basic nutrition of athletes. These are -

  • Omega 3 capsules: Omega-3 fatty acids are the fats manufactured within the body. Their many benefits make them a necessary survival item. Omega 3 aids in reducing inflammations, lowers the chances of cardiovascular disease, and enhances the anabolic effect of excessive training. Omega 3 after a workout session also helps prevent muscle loss.
  • Proteins: Proteins are the body’s building blocks. An average person needs 0.8 grams of protein per kg (or 0.36 grams per pound) of their body weight. Medical experts and nutritionists believe athletes' daily protein intake must be around 1.2 to 2.0 gm per kg of body weight per day. Good quality protein supplements satisfy protein needs.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is needed for the synthesis of proteins. Vitamin D aids in the growth and maintenance of bones. It also helps with immunity. Deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to a higher likelihood of stress fractures and delayed muscle recovery.
  • Magnesium: Athletes lose magnesium from excessive sweating and urination. Their diets may also often be low on magnesium. Magnesium is an ergogenic aid for athletes. It helps improve glucose levels in the brain, muscle, and blood.
  • Nitric Oxide: Nitric oxide is a vasodilator made within the human body. It aids in relaxing the inner muscles of blood vessels. Nitric Oxide improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

2. Based on Consumption

These supplements are manufactured to fulfill an individual’s specific goals. For instance -

  • Post Workout: People who are looking for post-workout nutrition should opt for supplements that are rich in protein, carbs, glutamine, and micronutrients beneficial in muscle recovery.
  • Women's Health: A woman’s body has lower muscle mass and relatively more body fat than a man’s. Fat accumulation stems from her estrogen reducing the ability to burn energy.
  • Energy and Endurance: Glutamine reduces muscle mass breakdown and post-workout soreness which makes it a very important supplement for endurance sports. Reduced soreness and faster recovery enhance training.
  • Hydration: Adequate hydration is key to maintaining muscle and joint health, as well as improving skin condition, and boost athletic performance.

3. Based on Purpose

Health Products For You offers a wide and varied range of sports nutrition supplements to enable peak body performance.

  • Body Building: Bodybuilding supplements are dietary supplements to increase muscle and body weight, reduce body fat, and improve athletic performance.
  • Dietary Supplements: Many people prefer dietary supplements to maintain healthy body weight. These supply the body with the nutrients a regular diet may be lacking in.
  • Health and Wellness: A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Nutrition keeps your mind and body healthy and cheerful. A good diet coupled with sufficient supplements delivers many health benefits for both body and mind.
  • Ready To Drink: A bottle full of nutrients is always better than a sugary drink. Ready-to-Drink beverages fulfill your daily nutrient requirements and keep your body hydrated.
  • Bars and Snacks: Munching is not bad provided you do it consciously. HPFY has many lip-smackingly delicious snack bars rich in fibers and proteins- all just one click away!


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