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Attaining a healthy weight is necessary for all individuals. Underweight people are at a risk of various health conditions like a compromised immune system, hair loss, irregular hormones, osteoporosis, low muscle mass, anemia etc. Calorically dense supplements are formulated for underweight individuals to provide them with the required amount of calories with other nutrients. At HPFY we bring to you nutritional supplements from well-known manufacturers like Aptalis Pharma, Mckesson and Nestle Nutrition. Abbott Osmolite 1.5 Cal High-Protein and High-Calorie Nutritional Drink is a calorically dense taste free powder that can be added to food and beverages to boost the calorie content.

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Weight Management

In order to prevent complications underweight people must consume more calories than they can burn. They can attain these extra calories from food that includes fruits, veggies, lentils, beans, meat, fish and dairy products. But for some it is not even possible to eat normally due to health conditions like dysphagia (swallowing difficulty) or anorexia nervosa. People with such difficulties are not able to consume the required calories by eating. It takes a toll on their bodies leaving them weak and underweight. This deficiency can be completed with nutritional supplements that are calorically dense. Many such products are available at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY. Take your pick today and save big!