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Building the Perfect Shower for People with Disabilities

Building the Perfect Shower for People with Disabilities
Kevin Cleary

There might be nothing in the world like a good shower to make us feel refreshed and rejuvenated, not to mention clean. Unfortunately, for those with handicaps the prospect of a shower can be a pipe dream. Good news, with a little bit of planning and understanding of what’s available those with limited mobility can fully enjoy the benefits of a refreshing, cleansing shower. Whether it is new construction or retrofitting an existing bathtub/shower, have no fear you’re not far from an invigorating bath/shower.

How to make a safe entry?

Possibly the most dangerous aspect of a shower or bath to a handicapped person is actually entering the bathtub/shower area. This usually requires the bather to lift one leg over the side of the tub or to step up into a shower. These are slick areas that can become treacherous, especially if wet. One way to get added traction is to use Nonskid Shower Slippers. The latex free rubber allows those that are at risk of falls greater traction in wet bathrooms. Another option for aquatic footwear is the Posey Nonskid Quick Dry Slippers. The loose knit nylon mesh upper lets water flow through and dries quickly after use. By using a bath transfer bench, transferring into a shower can be simple and safe. The Columbia Elite Reclining Bath Shower Transfer System eliminates risky entries. It can be used for positioning, a rolling shower chair, or bath slider. With a foldable tub bench, storage is a snap and an auto safety stop system prevents the chair from falling off the base. Another safe entry technique is twisting. By using the Snap N Save Sliding Transfer Bench entering your shower area is no longer a daunting task. It swivels a full 360° while locking into four different 90° positions, therefore allowing patients. to be transferred into the seat and then swung into appropriate showering position. Some may need only a secure bench such as the Drive Bath Bench with Removable Padded Arms which supports up to 300 lbs. and has legs that are adjustable to allow different heights users enjoy it. While traveling, Drive offers patients the Drive Folding Universal Sliding Transfer Bench. Its seat slides left and right along its frame and features a seatbelt for safety. After your bath or shower, it folds flat for storage!! ShowerBuddy TubBuddy Over Bath Transfer System with Tilt  features a tilt chair that relieves caregiver stress by allowing the patient to slide across the bathtub without moving their legs. MJM International Universal Patient Transfer System can be used as a transport chair, shower chair, or Geri chair. This multiposition chair can be adjusted into whatever position is needed. It features a removable seat panel for easier bathing or a solid seat for longer sitting. Moreover, the patient can easily use Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift for providing back support while lifting the patient out of the bathroom.


How to properly take a seat?

Once the bather is safely in the tub, a seated position may be the most appropriate for them especially if standing is an issue. It is much simpler to rise from a seated position than from a reclining or supine position. The use of a shower bench can circumvent this issue. One permanent solution is the Teakworks4u ADA Compliant Wall Mount Burmese Teak Shower Seat which is permanently mounted on the wall between 17 in and 19 in and made of marine-grade stainless steel as well as 3/8 inch wide teak battens. Another permanent option is the Nova Medical Wall Mounted Shower Seat that mounts directly to a wall. It is designed to save space by folding up when not in use. One option that provides safe lifting is by using a compact, battery-powered Mangar ELK Lifting Cushion, operated by low air pressure using the Airflo Plus power source. It can later be inflated when not in use. Similarly, by using the Jobar Swivel Shower Stool washing and rinsing your body while showering is simple while allowing the user to swivel to get in and out of the tub.


It’s all in the palm of your hand!!

Obviously, in order to have a great shower/bath, you need water!! Being able to control that water with a handheld showerhead is perfect for those with limited mobility. Using a Full Spray Hand-Held Shower will allow you to reach all the nooks and crannies that you need cleaned while remaining in a seated position!! With a convenient pushbutton to pause water during soaping or transferring, cleanliness is only a shower away. In order to relieve the stress of the day, the Drive Deluxe Handheld Shower Massager is the ticket!! It has three water flow options for a spa-like experience when showering. It has a simple, easy-to-use, on-off switch and an 84-inch chrome hose, allowing for maneuverability and increasing control over your bathing experience. For those who may have trouble gripping a wet showerhead, it can be mounted as a traditional shower head. Medline offers bathers the Medline Hand Held Shower for greater comfort and safety. Its lightweight design with a white finish comes with a wall bracket and offers three different choices of spray. One way to ensure a secure grip is to use the Moen Pause Control Hand-Held Shower. With a soft-grip handle with a safety strap, the user can choose from a shower, pulsating, or massaging setting while a 7-foot long flex hose delivers warm, soothing relief. Whatever your trepidation might be there is an answer for you. Identify your issue and meet it head-on in order to enjoy a relaxing shower/bath.


Where to buy Bathing Safety Aids?

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