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5 Best Neti Pot

5 Best Neti Pot
Shweta Chaubey

What is a Neti Pot? 

A Neti pot is a designer container used to rinse mucus or debris from the nasal passage. Neti pot is often used to treat symptoms of nasal allergies, sinus infections, and colds. 

Neti pots are one of the most effective natural ways to relieve nasal congestion and allergies. These nasal pots have been an integral part of ayurvedic medicine for ages and are considered the best medicine for sinus pressure. However, nasal irrigation can be tricky, and it is always advised to consult a doctor before using a Neti pot. Experts also suggest using sterile water with a Neti pot and avoiding using it too often. 

Neti Pot Benefits 

  • Cleanses nasal membranes of dust, smoke, or other airborne contaminants. 
  • Cleans nostrils congested due to pollen and allergens
  • Relieves nasal dryness due to air travel. 
  • Removes excess mucus due to congestion. 
  • Enhances the flow of breath right before relaxation or meditation techniques. 

How to use a Neti Pot? 

To use a Neti pot -  

  • Lean your head sideways and place the spout of the nasal pot in your upper nostril.  
  • Gently pour the Neti pot solution into the upper nostril while breathing through the mouth. It lets the liquid drain via the lower nostril.  
  • Repeat the same process for the other side. 
  • Ensure the Neti pot is rinsed thoroughly and left open for air drying after each use. 

To be completely sure of nasal rinsing, consult your physician. For anybody looking to use homemade Neti pot solution, the use of distilled water is recommended. Distilled water for Neti pot or a bottle of sterilized water helps reduce the chances of seizures and other potentially dangerous consequences. As a matter of fact, tap water is also useful for Neti pot if it has been boiled and then left to cool till lukewarm. 

5 Best Neti Pot  

1. Himalayan Institute Ceramic Neti Pot 

Himalayan Institute Ceramic Neti Pot

Himalayan Institute Ceramic Neti Pot cleanses, refreshes, and naturally protects the nasal passages. Ceramic Neti Pot has been used in ayurvedic medicine to alleviate sinus and allergy problems. Subsequently, Dr. Oz also awarded the Blue Ribbon to Neti Pot as the Best of the Best Alternative Solutions in the Allergy category. 


Other Alternative

Ancient Secrets Original Ceramic Nasal Cleansing Pot 

Ancient Secrets Original Ceramic Nasal Cleansing Pot

Ancient Secrets Original Ceramic Nasal Cleansing Pot is ideal for cleansing and moisturizing nasal passages according to the traditional practice of Neti. It removes excess mucus, clears the nasal passages, relieves nasal dryness, and reduces dust or pollen by cleansing nasal passages. This ceramic nasal cleansing pot is crafted from sturdy lead-free ceramic and coated with food-grade sealant glaze.  


2. Himalayan Chandra Eco Neti Pot 

Himalayan Chandra Eco Neti Pot

Himalayan Chandra Eco Neti Pot naturally cleanses, refreshes, and protects the nasal passages, one of the body's first lines of defense against illness. The Neti Pot has been used in ayurvedic medicine to alleviate sinus and allergy problems. 


3. Himalayan Institute Eco Travel Neti Pot 

Himalayan Institute Eco Travel Neti Pot

Himalayan Eco Travel Neti Pot, with a lotus design and distinctive shape, dispenses the perfect flow rate to cleanse the sinus passages optimally. Travel Neti Pot soothes dry nasal passages, gently washes dust, pollen, and irritants, and removes excess mucus. Apparently, the nasal passages are lined with a thin layer of mucus that is the first line of defense for the body against disease, a nasal wash keeps this layer of mucus moist, clean, and healthy. 


Other Alternative 

Ancient Secrets Travel Nasal Cleansing Pot  

Ancient Secrets Travel Nasal Cleansing Pot

Ancient Secrets Travel Nasal Cleansing Pot is perfect for traveling, so the user can have quick relief from nasal congestion. It is considered one of the best Neti pots, ideal for cleansing and moisturizing nasal passages, according to the traditional practice of Neti. Subsequently, it clears the nasal passages, removes excess mucus, reduces dust and pollen, and relieves nasal dryness. 


4. Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Porcelain Neti Pot with Salt Sachets 

Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Porcelain Neti Pot With Salt Sachets

Himalayan Chandra Nasal Care Porcelain Neti Pot comes with salt sachets for natural cleansing and protection of the nasal passages. The Porcelain Neti Pot refreshes and alleviates sinus infections and other allergies and supports a healthy respiratory system. 


5. Himalayan Institute Neti Stik Aromatherapy Inhaler 

Himalayan Institute Neti Stik Aromatherapy Inhaler

This Neti Stik Aromatherapy Inhaler easily fits into your pocket or purse and offers quick relief. Himalayan Institute Neti Stik Inhaler contains an energizing blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol, and lavender essential oils. You can use it alone or as a perfect complement to daily Neti Pot use. It temporarily relieves stuffy noses, clears and opens nasal passages, and gives the user relief from the invigorating feeling in the nose and ears. 


More About Neti Pot 

1. What does a Neti pot do? 

The little teapot-like devices with long spouts help flush out clogged nasal passages and breathe easier. Neti pot uses saline or saltwater solution for congested noses, cold and allergy treatment, and prevention

2. How often can you use a Neti pot? 

You can use a nasal rinse or a Neti pot as often as you need. If the allergies are bad, it is advised to do nasal irrigation once to twice daily. Additionally, many sinus patients require sinus rinsing up to six times a day in the initial period of their recovery. 

3. Can you overuse the Neti pot? 

Overusing a Neti pot can irritate the nasal passage. Seek advice from your medical practitioner on how long and how much you should use a Neti pot.  

4. Are Neti pots safe? 

Neti pots are essentially considered safe to use as long as one properly follows Neti pot instructions provided by the manufacturers. One should always use the saline packets recommended with the Neti pot. Refrain from using too much saline mix. It can potentially lead to nasal irritation. 

Why is cleaning a Neti pot important? 

Unhygienic or dirty neti pot enhances the risk of bacterial contamination. Using a clean Neti pot every time curbs the chances of any infection from developing in the nasal passage. 


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