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Stress creeps everywhere. Everybody is equally prone to anxiety in modern times where the pandemic is troubling children and adults alike. Stress and anxiety management seems a difficult task given the circumstances. However, it is crucial to keep your stress levels in check while taking proper care of your child's mental health. Children go through a lot, especially those with autism, find it difficult to tackle stressful situations. Health Products For You brings you a wide range of autism calming products from top brands like Childrens Factory, Sommerfly, and Enabling Devices, to name a few. These products will help you keep your child calm and relaxed at all times.

Relaxation Products At HPFY


Early Learner Cots are comfortable for kids while being built to last. Shop at HPFY for sturdy, storable, and sleep-able cots that are wonderful for any setting needing the soft edge of comfort. In addition, we offer cotton blankets, Mat Sheets, Baby changers, and much more at affordable prices.


Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that influences mood greatly. Along with spirit, it is also good for appetite, sleep, learning, and memory. Weighted products use the deep pressure touch stimulation mechanism to help with serotonin production. In many cases, using a weighted vest or a weighted blanket around the shoulders and the lap makes the child feel secure and stay calm. HPFY provides varied types of best quality weighted products at pocket-friendly prices.

Benefits of Weighted Vests and Weighted Blankets

A weighted vest is a garment with the capacity to hold weight. It is typically a vest with internal pockets sewed wherein one can place small ½ or ¼ pound weights. The weight and compression the vest delivers provide kinesthesia input by putting deep pressure on the muscles and joints. The pressure then sends signals to the brain, which help a person feel calm and stress-free. In a way, it mimics a human hug and makes the person feel safe. To begin with, the use of weighted blankets for a child with Autism is one of the many ways to make life a little easier for them.

Children with ASD have a hard time processing and rightly putting the sensory information to use in their daily lives, thence making it important for the occupational therapist to try and explore new sensory-motor strategies for the kid. It is done to help the child achieve their aims and feel independent in their surroundings. Using these relaxation products available with HPFY may not be a full-proof strategy to make the child calmer and more composed. However, it is still worth the try. There are a large variety of benefits of using stress relief products. The most talked-about benefit being increased attention span, concentration, and enhanced focus in children. These stress reliever products provide an increased sense of calm and aids in the reduction of anxiety. Similarly, the other benefits of relaxation products include in development in -

  • Executive functioning
  • Higher ordered thinking
  • Functional communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Delayed gratification
  • Self-regulation/ emotional-regulation
  • Body awareness
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Co-ordination

For effective physical processes, well-regulation of the central nervous system is immaterial. Owing to which the benefits of weighted blankets and other relaxation products may extend to the betterment of the child's internal processes and encourage good sleep.

Best Products for Relaxation: Things To Keep In Mind

  • Trying relaxation products with a child who has ASD is not a bad idea, although it is always recommended you take the advice and guidance of the Occupational Therapist before using them. They may have suggestions that can aid in your child's growth and development.
  • Sensory needs change constantly, and it may help if you keep experimenting with these products and see how your child responds to them.

Where to buy Calming Products For Autism?

Health Products For You offers a large variety of products helpful in keeping your child calm and stress-free in such hectic times. These products include weighted handwriting gloves, weighted lap pads, weighted animal toys, etc., from brands such as  Angeles, and Tumble Forms, to name a few. Check our collection today and earn reward $ on every purchase.

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