Aromatherapy: The Magical Key to Relaxation

Aromatherapy: The Magical Key to Relaxation

After an entire day’s grind, at the end of it, we all crave for a deep and restful sleep. A good night’s sleep, and we are up for a day with full energy and verve. A sound sleep keeps the entire body under check. It is a natural stress-buster. Good sleepers are often found to have a strong immune system as well. Their judgement abilities, problem-solving skills and creativity, work at their best. A revitalized body, at the break of the dawn, is the best start to the day.

What is Insomnia and how does one get it?

I am sure we can all relate to a poor sleep with a day marked by an irritable mood and concentration issues. Low energy levels and fatigue is bound to be there. Insomnia, as we understand, is the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. Such individuals wake up a lot during the night or wake up too early and do not get back to sleep or wake up feeling unrefreshed.

While the duration of sleep varies from person to person, insomnia is defined by the quality of sleep. If you feel lethargic even after an eight (8) hours sleep, you may be showing symptoms of insomnia. 

We are all bearing the brunt of stressful situations. Modern day living brings in both emotional and physical stress. It is common to witness adults suffering from depression and anxiety. Other than routine stress, certain medical conditions, such as asthma, acid reflux, hyperthyroidism, allergies, kidney disease, etc. can cause sleeplessness or disturbed sleep. Medications such as antidepressants, steroids, contraceptives, pain relievers, high blood pressure medication, can also interfere with sleep. It can even result from certain food and eating habits such as excessive caffeine in diet. If you have consumed a heavy meal just before bedtime, chances are you may not catch a good night sleep.

Want to get rid of Insomnia?

Whatever be the reason behind a disturbed sleep, it undoubtedly results in to a sluggish body to slog through the day. Its long-term impact poses serious health consequences, such as, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

An individual can best assess and identify his/her triggers and try avoiding them. Bringing in certain lifestyle and behavioral changes can surely help. Avoid caffeine, high-sugar food items and a heavy meal just before bed time. Stressful situations and brain stimulating activities should also be avoided. Creating a conducive sleep environment and sticking to a fixed sleep regimen, will surely help. A dark, quiet, clean and cool bedroom environment is always welcoming. You could even try certain breathing and muscle relaxation techniques.

Aromatherapy for Insomnia

While curing insomnia depends on multiple factors, use of certain essential oils at bedtime is for sure nerve-calming and relaxing. Termed as aromatherapy, these essential oils are derived from plants and have been used for centuries to treat various health concerns.

Owing to its therapeutic properties, it has served as an alternative therapy to treat indigestion, respiratory issues, skin care and joint pains. The Amrita Aromatherapy Chamomile German Blue Essential Oil, is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties. One of the few essential oils which is mild enough to be applied to the skin undiluted, it can be used by pregnant women and babies. So, if you get frequent headaches or suffer from disturbed sleep, topical application of chamomile essential oil on forehead and temples should do the trick.

  Amrita Aromatherapy Chamomile German Blue Essential Oil
  Amrita Aromatherapy Bergamot Essential Oil

If your sleeplessness is a result of bouts of depression and anxiety, an aromatic bath in Amrita Aromatherapy Bergamot Essential Oil, just before bedtime should put you to a sound sleep. Distilled from a citrus fruit, use it to even treat skin conditions such as herpes, eczema and boils. Inhale it directly for respiratory infections, but to treat other conditions, it has to be diluted with another carrier oil. A word of caution says no exposure to sunlight for 12 hours after its topical application.

For someone who is hypertensive or for women suffering from painful menstrual cramps, topical application of Amrita Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil, can work wonders. Dilute it in hazelnut or jojoba oil, massage it gently on lower abdomen or do a full body massage. An aromatic bedtime bath in sweet marjoram oil relaxes tense muscles and puts the body to sleep. It has also been used as a flavoring ingredient in many food items. A warm chest massage with it, will ease out respiratory symptoms of bronchitis.

  Amrita Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil
Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil

Naughty and restless kids around? They resist bedtime and are too hyper to be put to sleep easily. Just dispense a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil on the pillow while doing a bedtime story and the kids will surely have a restful sleep. Its floral and herbaceous aroma creates a soothing milieu all through the day. Its versatility lies in its various applications.

Travelers covering different time zones often suffer from jet lag. To ward off sleeplessness and a feeling of disorientation, use Sprayology Rise and Shine Sleep Essentials Homeopathic Spray Kit. It has to be periodically sprayed under the tongue, till the body gets fully acclimated to the new place. Got a child who is low on immunity and has a tendency to catch frequent cold and flu? Regular use of sprayology will definitely show positive results. Also, to relieve common symptoms of insomnia, its use at bed time helps people get better sleep.

  Sprayology Rise and Shine Sleep Essentials Homeopathic Spray Kit

So, dilute the essential oils with an appropriate carrier oil and apply on your temples, forehead and wrist. You can even moisten a cotton ball and tuck it under the pillow or have a warm bath after adding the essential oil to water. They can even be inhaled in a diffused form using an oil diffuser. One can even inhale it directly from the bottle for a few minutes before bed time.

Use them in whatever form suits you the best. Have an improved sleep quality to spend your day rejuvenated and energized.


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