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Adding Nutrition to Your Diabetes Treatment

Adding Nutrition to Your Diabetes Treatment
Kevin Cleary

By Kevin Cleary

When many people hear diabetes treatment, they think insulin or some other type of prescribed medication. While that is true, they may not think about what we ingest can help us in fighting this disease. Since diabetes is a disorder that causes our bodies to have trouble processing sugar by not producing enough insulin (a hormone that effectively regulates blood sugar), eating foods that are high in processed sugars is not a great idea. By using nutrition we can help our bodies manage our glucose levels and not have glucose spikes and drops.

Carbs… Yes or no?

We have all heard about low-carb diets and weight loss, but carbohydrates also affect our glucose levels negatively (especially those suffering from diabetes). Alison Massey, a certified diabetes educator at the Center for Endocrinology at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, states that there are many factors for episodes of high blood glucose levels, such as stress, exercise, and medication. The one thing she points to that can help the most in regulating blood sugar is what we eat. She points particularly to carbohydrates since they are broken down into glucose and is used by the body for energy or stored for future use. These foods can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore spike our blood sugar levels. You can supplement your diet with Abbott Ready to Drink Glucerna Shake for Diabetes. They have slowly digestible carbohydrates that help minimize blood sugar spikes and she be used at your doctor’s recommendation. One way to deal with postprandial glucose responses is also offered by Abbott. The GluAbbott Glucerna Shake Ready to Drink Diabetic Formula with Carb Study can minimize blood sugar spikes, which can over time help your A1C levels. Another way to go is the Nestlé Nutren Glytrol Nutrition with SpikeRight Port for Patients with Hyperglycemia. It is specially formulated to help support glycemic control with elevated proteins to support lean body mass. Nestlé also offers diabetics the Boost Glucose Control Nutritional Drink. With a unique blend of protein, fat, and slowly digested carbohydrates, managing blood glucose levels have never been easier. In an article for everydayhealth.com, Elizabeth Bowers suggests foods that are high in protein and fat, while eating carbohydrates (whole-grain carbohydrates) that are slowly digested by the body. These whole-grain carbohydrates do affect blood sugar, but at a much slower rate. These carbohydrates are referred to as having a low glycemic index.

Go for the Fiber

In order to help control blood sugar, we should choose to ingest carbohydrates made from whole grains. Ann Williams, PhD a certified diabetes educator and associate professor at Case Western Reserve University, states that whole grains and other high-fiber choices will generally be absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream therefore minimizing any blood sugar spike. One way to add fiber to your diet is to use Medical Nutrition FiberStat Soluble Dietary Fiber. It can be taken straight or added to your foods and is lactose, gluten, and soy free!! Another simple way to add fiber to other foods is to use the Nestlé Nutrisource Fiber Supplement. It can be added to juice, milkshakes, gravy, and other foods. For those that might have an abnormal glucose tolerance, the Abbott Glucerna 1.0 Cal Abnormal Glucose Tolerance Nutritional Drink with Fiber provides a reduced carbohydrate, fiber containing formula that helps minimize the glycemic response. One way to improve the body’s ability to utilize insulin is to utilize the Nestlé Resource Diabetishield Nutritional Drink. It has added arginine, chromium, and Vitamins C & E which are clinically proven to help improve insulin sensitivity. Dr. Williams describes the perfect dinner plate as one half non-starchy low-calorie vegetables, one quarter protein, and one quarter whole-grain carbohydrates.

Adding Nutrition to Your Diabetes Treatment

By utilizing Mother Nature and the wonderful fiber filled foods she offers, we can help control our blood sugar spikes and manage our diabetes more efficiently.


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