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Diabetic Nutritional formulae are developed using certain vitamins and minerals that aid in reducing or stabilizing sugar levels in the blood or increase reactivity to insulin. These products also help in increasing energy levels, improving metabolism and maintaining a healthy weight which is most important to people with diabetes. You must monitor the level of blood sugar before starting supplements and after taking the first few doses of supplements to notice the effects of these supplements on blood sugar. With time they may also result in lowering the dose of diabetic medicines. Browse through our range of quality diabetic formulae to best manage your body’s nutritional needs.

Benefits of Diabetic Supplements

Diabetic formulae help in getting the right nutrient balance in the diet and also help with digestion. They are designed to supplement (add value to) a diet and should not be used as meal replacements. Your need for a supplement is best determined by your doctor. Never try diabetic supplements by yourself. Always consult your doctor before taking any type of diabetic formula as they may interfere with the medications that you take. Diabetic supplements come in various forms like tablets, powder, liquid or capsulated forms.

A Dietary Supplement may include elements like

  • Vitamins 

  • Minerals 

  • Amino acids 

  • Omega-3 fatty acids 

  • Fibre 

  • Digestive enzymes

What to keep in mind before buying products for diabetes?

Diabetic supplements may contain active ingredients that may prove to be harmful in some situations. Even supplements that claim to be natural can be harmful in certain cases especially in situations when you have medical conditions like diabetes. Always: 

  • Read labels and other trustworthy information regarding supplements you are going to start. 

  • Do not go by supplements that claim things that are too good to be true like “treat or cure” your diabetes.  

  • Never substitute prescribed medicines with supplements. Do not take supplements in larger doses than indicated.  

  • In case you experience any side effects stop taking the supplement. 

Where to buy Diabetic Nutrition online?

At HPFY we try to collect the best diabetic formulae in the market so that you can control diabetes and your life in a healthy manner. Try the popular Abbott Glucerna Advance Shake Ready-to-Drink Diabetic Formula With Carb Steady, Nestle Diabetishield Nutritional Drink and many others from top manufacturers like Abbott and Nestle Nutrition that provide proven benefits and fulfill your daily nutritional needs. Buy today to avail attractive discounts.