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Lateral rotation mattress uses the lateral rotation therapy method to provide therapeutic benefits for persons who are confined to the bed for long periods of time, are bed ridden or have trouble repositioning without assistance. Staying in bed for long hours can expose the body to experience painful pressure points ultimately leading to pressure ulcers. Mattresses which employ lateral rotation therapy are technologically advanced. Lateral rotation mattress ensures the body is not in one position throughout and is frequently shifted so contact with mattress is not constant. It is especially beneficial for persons who are at risk for pressure ulcers and circulatory problems.

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How Do Lateral Rotation Therapy Mattresses Work?

  • Lateral rotation therapy provides regular lateral movement of the body using air pressure to create an angled plane that causes the body to turn. It rotates patients from left, center to right and vice versa at regular intervals unlike manual repositioning which may be infrequent. This promotes early mobilization and reduces risks of hemodynamic impact of immobility. 

  • Lateral rotation mattress turns, moves and shifts the patient in a lateral direction. This assists in pulmonary blood flow and mucosal drainage and lowers risk for ventilator-associated events in patients who are immobile. 

  • Ventilated air cells on the mattress provide pressure redistribution for the prevention and treatment of stages I-IV pressure ulcers. Patient can be rotated up to 40 degrees in either direction and the system can be customized for periodic rotation as per the individual’s needs.

Uses of Lateral Rotation Mattress

Lateral rotation mattress provides effective static or rotation therapy and offers the required therapy for patients who cannot tolerate manual handling for turning due to pain. It is suitable for those who are immobile and at risk of pulmonary complications. Lateral rotation mattress is found to lower risk of pneumonia in long-term ventilator patients and provide benefits for patients at risk for adult respiratory distress syndrome. It is useful for those with lack of viable turning surfaces and also those who need assistance with patient transfers and direct care activities. Lateral rotation mattresses for wound healing help manage partial-thickness (superficial, or stage II) and full-thickness wounds (stage III or stage IV).

Who Needs Lateral Rotation Mattress?

Lateral rotation mattress is required by individuals who: 

  • Are immobile due to aging 

  • Have suffered spinal cord injuries 

  • Are stroke victims 

  • Have rheumatoid arthritis 

  • Have multiple sclerosis 

  • Have suffered from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) 

  • Are comatose 

  • Have undergone laminectomy 

  • Are suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) 

  • Have Guillain-Barré syndrome 

  • Have muscular dystrophy 

  • Have degenerative disk disease 

Lateral rotation mattresses from Proactive Medical, Blue Chip Medical and Span America are designed to fit most standard hospital beds. At Health Products For You, you will find high quality lateral rotation mattresses such as the Blue Chip Mattress For Power-Turn Elite Mattress System which offers a full, left or right turn with either a 25º small turn or a 40º big turn. The Span America PressureGuard Turn Select In-Home Styles Mattress can be used on specialty bed frames or placed directly on standard consumer box springs.