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Mattress Accessories include products which are needed for effective performance of different types of mattresses. They add to the comfort level of users and make the handling of mattresses easy and convenient for users. Some of the mattress accessories also help in minimizing the risk of pressure ulcers. Health Products For You provides a wide assortment of such mattress accessories including mattress covers, bed doubling systems, mattress pumps, mattress lifters, bubble pads and mattress bladders. These products are designed by top-selling manufacturers like Proactive Medical, Blue Chip Medical, Bargoose Protective Bedding, Span America, etc.

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Mattress Cover

Mattress Cover is used to protect the mattress from dust, stains, foul odors and other contaminants. It keeps the mattress clean and fresh always. Mattress cover is usually made up of non-skid material to prevent the mattress from slipping.

Bed Doubling System

Bed Doubling System is designed to combine two independent beds into a single large bed. It easily secures two mattresses together. This type of mattress accessory is ideal for those rooms and homes where elevators or stairs cannot accommodate a large bed.

Mattress Pump

Mattress Pump is used to inflate and deflate air mattress within minutes. It gives total control of comfort and therapy to users and lets them customize their mattress according to their own weight. It helps users who have low or medium risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Mattress Lifter

Mattress Lifter helps in lifting the mattress into a raised position for making the bed and changing the linens. Its ergonomic design reduces strain to the neck, back and shoulders.

Bubble Pad

Bubble Pad is designed for treatment, management and prevention of pressure ulcers. Bubble chambers present in this pad helps in redistributing pressure away from the places where bed sores generally occur.

Mattress Bladders

Mattress Bladders are generally used in air mattresses. They provide pressure redistribution and deep immersion to enhance user comfort and prevent pressure ulcers.