Water and Gel Mattresses

Water/gel mattresses are specialized mattresses that provide optimum protection from pressure ulcers and are strong and durable in nature. They provide the most needed comfort a patient or a regular user might need for sound, comforting sleep promoting overall wellbeing. Gel mattresses work on the visco gel polymer technology which is revolutionary and designed to provide unprecedented pressure distribution and rapid heat dissipation system. A water mattress is indicated for therapeutic use and is said to improve your physical and mental health. Sleeping on a water mattress is likely to leave you feeling refreshed and free of stress levels and mental fatigue.


Water Bed Benefits

Water therapy has always been considered beneficial for improving blood circulation through the body which promotes overall well-being. Water beds work on this same premise and are suitable for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies because they help prevent dust and dust mite build-up which is likely to happen with regular beds. Sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, lupus and joint/bone/muscular conditions may find relief from their conditions on using a waterbed. Most of these beds are temperature controlled and the warm water used is geared to provide a restful sleep.

Gel Mattress Features

Gel mattresses consist of gel bladders which are encased in high density foam to allow even weight distribution from the heel to the entire leg. Gel mattresses are said to make the mattress soft and comfortable and is cool to the body. They provide the right amount of support, increased air circulation and breathability.

Why Choose Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

  • Combining gel foam with memory foam provides a cost-effective sleeping experience with positives of both memory foam and comb gel. The heat accumulation of memory foam is done away with by using gel technology and the cost of using only gel is also brought down by incorporating memory foam.  

  • Gel memory foam mattress provides optimal comfort and being motion-transfer resistant, it offers undisturbed sleep. Because gel particles or beads are infused with the memory foam, it allows for better airflow. This makes gel memory foam mattress highly breathable and cooling. 

  • Gel memory foam conforms to your body weight and helps in relieving pressure points. It is gentle on your spine keeping it aligned correctly and doing away with back pain. Your body is not allowed to sink into the mattress therefore providing the right support and where you need it the most. 

Water/gel mattresses from Drive Medical and Proactive Medical are high quality and having one at home could prove to be an excellent way to achieve your mental and physical wellbeing.