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A foam mattress offers quality comfort and support in a standard mattress at a cost effective price. Combined with it are the advantages of an orthopaedic mattress which make foam mattresses an ideal investment for long-term health benefits. At Health Products For You, there is a wide variety of therapeutic foam mattresses available. We also have foam mattresses with raised edge or without an edge as well as with options of waterproof, latex free in addition to lightweight. Browse through our intensive range of therapeutic foam mattresses and be sure to find the one that meets your requirements.

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Benefits of Foam Mattresses

A therapeutic foam mattress provides quality care with maximum patient comfort. It uses multi layers of foam in varying densities as per the required thickness for different parts of the body. This allows the mattress construction to be soft in some parts and firmer in other sections. Therefore, the entire body is subjected to the right amount of support ensuring the body suffers no back pain or stiffness which happens often due to the wrong type of a mattress. 

  • Dust-Mite Free Foam Mattress: Foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and antibacterial which makes them suitable for people who suffer from respiratory problems and hay fever. The mattress construction discourages inhabitation of mites and bed bugs.  

  • Support to The Back: A therapeutic foam mattress provides the support of an orthopedic mattress which is highly beneficial for someone with back problems. Mattresses of foam are found to provide a restful night’s sleep by reducing strains and muscle tension without feeling hard and uncomfortable under the body. The foam mattress provides support to the lower back and helps keep your spine in a neutral position thus maintaining its normal alignment.  

  • Foam Mattress for Bariatric Users: Foam mattresses are built to hold up huge amounts of weight without bottoming out. They provide full support without feeling too hard to sleep on. Therapeutic foam mattresses for heavy-duty, bariatric users provide the necessary support and extra care. The Hudson Deluxe bariatric home care mattress has a base layer of ultra firm foam and the top layer is 2” memory foam. For kids, there is the Thomashilfen ThevoSleepingStar therapeutic non-powered mattress. It is geared towards providing deep, relaxing sleep for children with wing suspensions in the inner mattress. 

  • Relief from Pressure Points: Painful pressure points can be discomforting and lead to pressure ulcers and bed sores. This may occur due to poor circulation following prolonged use in persons who are immobile or have restricted mobility. It can also lead to damage of soft tissues in the back. Use of memory foam mattress can have a softening and relaxing effect on the body, allowing it to conform to your body and relieving painful pressure spots.  

  • Easy-To-Care-For Mattress: Foam mattresses, in particular memory foam mattresses, are easy to look after and do not need much maintenance. Flipping the mattress over a few times a year is all that is required instead of frequent rotation.

Why Buy A Therapeutic Foam Mattress?

Buying a therapeutic foam mattress means less tossing and turning and getting a good night’s sleep which is beneficial for good health. Mattresses which are therapeutic in nature provide relief from painful pressure points, proper back support and spine alignment. They regulate the temperature of the body, keeping the user cool, allowing for adequate air circulation and preventing pressure ulcers. 

You can choose from layered foam, memory foam, high density foam, high resilience foam, polyurethane foam, convoluted foam, sculpted foam and more.