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Wellness Made Simple

Wellness Made Simple
Diane Bruno

The wellness industry is booming!     

According to a recent report from the Global Wellness Institute (GWI,) the wellness industry is projected to enjoy 9.9% average annual growth, with the wellness economy reaching nearly $7.0 trillion in 2025.     

These are pretty impressive numbers. As we return to a new normal since the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic of health and wellness is more on our collective minds than has been the case in a while. Pre-COVID the move toward implementing a more able-bodied lifestyle practically took over the social sphere with influencers adopting this niche as their rally call.      

But, as with any movement health-related or not, the flood of information can be overwhelming and intimidating. As your partner in health and wellness, Health Products For You would like to help you turn down the noise and adopt some sustainable steps to assist you in living your best wellness life ever!    

We have all seen those videos of under thirty influencers showcasing what they do “on the daily” to keep healthy, manage stress, and thrive. Wake at 5 am to meditate, prepare a healthy strictly organic green smoothie, take a brisk walk and commune with nature, hit the gym, and organize thoughts and to-dos into a gratitude and bullet journal - all before 7 am.     

Ambitious, maybe. Sustainable – NO!     

However, there are realistic avenues to wellness most of us can incorporate into our lives for increased benefits, without feeling a sense of guilt over skipping a laundry list of accomplishments before the sun is even up!    

Calm down – All health care professionals agree stress is a killer and we all need to calm down a bit, if not a lot! Yes, it is easier said than done. Life comes at us at a faster speed each year, and finding that quiet Zen-like space can be a challenge.  

Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness
Health & Wellnesss

Let some apps lead the way!   

What are wellness apps

Applications you download to your smartphone, device, or computer to help you improve your mental and physical well-being.     

1. Calm- is a meditation app designed to help you acquire and maintain a balanced and stress-free life. Through guided meditations, sleep stories, music, peaceful sounds, and breathing exercises this app aims to help you lull into a peaceful and restorative sleep. And, we all know a dedicated sleep routine is essential to living life to the fullest - $14.99 per month or $69.99 for an annual subscription.    

2. Happify - is a science-based app to help you combat negative thoughts and live a more positive existence. Each week, you will receive different activities and games to help elevate your mood and state of being. The app is geared toward improving relationships, managing stress, and increasing work satisfaction - Free to $14.99 per month and up.   

3. Bearable this self-tracking interactive app offers mood tracking, symptom tracking, medication and activity logs, behavioral trends, reminders, and journaling. The app will monitor your progress and offers insights and helpful tips - Free to $4.49 per month or $27.99 for an annual subscription.  

Get moving

There is no substitute for physical exercise and it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming strenuous commitment to make a difference. These apps can help you find your perfect routine.  

17-Minute Workout - is rated the #1 fitness app in 127 countries and offers quick and effective high-intensity interval training routines in 7-minute sessions. A perfect place to start if you are new to the exercise world, it offers different degrees of difficulty from basic on up.   

2. Yoga For Beginners - the perfect Yoga app for the newbie, it offers long and short sessions to ease you into this relaxing practice. There are helpful voice prompts, and soothing music, and you can sync the app with Apple Health to keep track of your progress and monitor calories burned per session. Many classes are free and subscriptions are $3.00 a month and a 1-year subscription for $30.00.  

Eat healthy

What we consume impacts our overall health, wellness, disease management, and quality of life. These apps may help you flex that nutrition muscle and change how you approach food choices.   

1. MyPlate Calorie Counter - the app created by Livestrong is well worth the download. It aids you in tracking your nutrient intake and exercise plan. Healthy recipes and meal plans are available to help you during your journey! A community of like-minded people offers support and helpful tips. The app itself is free but an upgraded account offers features such as custom nutrition labels and detailed stats on your progress.    

2. PlateJoy - as stated on their website, they offer custom meal plans, personalized recipes, grocery lists, and optional delivery to help you save time and eat better. They offer Low Carb, Mediterranean, Dairy-free, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescatarian and Gluten-free plans to satisfy any palate! $12.99 per month - $69 for 6 months, or $99 for a year.  

Non-app solutions  

1. Tech break – achieving wellness does not have to rely on technology! In fact, taking a break from non-stop connectivity can do wonders to relax the mind, calm the soul, and decrease the effects of blue light exposure. Be sure to take a respite and keep that phone out of the bedroom – it is rule number one in achieving a good sleep hygiene routine.   

2. Exercise – even a short daily walk can do fitness wonders! Exercise does not have to be taxing to be effective. Do what you can at first and increase activity as you go.   

3. Time out – take a time out each day and step away from the computer, phone and television to quiet your mind and rejuvenate your being. Enjoy a snack break, read a chapter, or write in a journal.  

4. Commune with nature – getting out and about has proven to be an effective way to recharge. Get out at lunch and enjoy all mother nature has to offer – your mind and body will thank you!   

5. Commune with your community – technology has allowed us to keep in touch with those close and far, but there is no substitute for real facetime. Surround yourself with friends and family members who lift you up and support you. No energy vampires are allowed!   

6. Get those important ZZs - yes, life is busy, but we need sleep to keep our minds sharp, our immune system intact, and our bodies functioning at peak performance. There is NO substitute. Practice good sleep hygiene, and try to keep to a regular schedule, even on the weekends when we are tempted to stay up late to binge that new streaming series.  

Practicing wellness does not have to be complicated. It does require some dedication and practice, but it is attainable. Start slow, and don’t overwhelm yourself.   

Remember: BE SAFE - Before you start any new diet and exercise routine, consult with your health care professional.   


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