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Tips To Stay Sharp as We Age

Tips To Stay Sharp as We Age
Diane Bruno

As we venture through this exciting journey called life, concerns about staying sharp and preserving our cognitive and mental acuity are top of mind.   

According to a study by JK Hartshorne and LT Germaine on when cognitive abilities peak during our lifetime and their subsequent trajectory, their findings conclude:   

  • 18-19 - Information-processing speed peaks early, then immediately begins to decline.   
  • 25 - Short-term memory gets better until around age 25. It remains fairly steady until it begins to decline around age 35.   
  • 30 - Memory of faces and recognition peaks and then starts to gradually decline.   
  • 35 - Short-term memory begins to weaken and decline.   
  • The 40s-50s - Emotional understanding peaks in middle to later adulthood.   
  • The 60s - Vocabulary abilities continue to increase.   
  • The 60s and 70s - Crystallized intelligence, or accumulated knowledge and facts about the world, peaks late in life.   

Clearly, our emotional understanding and life knowledge increase as we age, while other facets of our cognitive prowess decline.    

As your partner in health and wellness, Health Products For You would like to share some tips and products to help you stay sharp as you age.  

Here are the best ways to stay sharp as you age

1. Games  

Not just for kids, certain games played regularly can help us exercise our brains. Here are a few to help us flex our cognitive muscles:   

Crossword puzzles – A favorite pastime for over a century, crossword puzzles and in general word puzzles greatly benefit your mind. While immersed in completing these puzzles your brain automatically activates both your analytical and cognitive mind. Not only do they widen your vocabulary, elevate your mood and relieve stress, but they also increase your focus and require you to tap into your brain for answers and solutions.  

There are newspaper and crossword puzzle books to indulge in as well as some great apps  

The cream of the crop and most challenging - the New York Times Crossword    

2. Sudoku  

In this game of numbers, the objective is to fill a 9 × 9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3 × 3 sub-grids that compose the grid (also called "boxes", "blocks", or "regions") contain all of the digits from 1 to 9.  

Again, this mind game is available in newspapers and books, as well as some great apps  

3. Lumosity  

Launched in 2007, the website now has over 75million users, and is a daily workout for your mind! The site has games to increase memory, speed, attention, and problem-solving.  

In just a few minutes a day, these exercises are designed to offer cognitive benefits in the least amount of time.   

4. Eidetic  

Eidetic helps you flex that memory muscle! You choose something you want to remember and the app uses several ways to interrupt you to quiz you on it while keeping the data in the cloud helping you track your process and increase the difficulty as you go.   

Supplements: HPFY carries some advanced nutritional supplements to help you improve brain function:  

  1. AdultFocus Vitamin Supplement - The natural ingredients in AdultFocus boost the brain when it comes to focusing, concentration, sharpness, and more. Yet, there’s so much only a brain can handle. Whether it is the attention span, recall, or just mental sharpness you are looking to boost, it contains potent ingredients beneficial for optimal brain function.  
  2. Life Extension Cognitex Elite Tablets - This comprehensive brain health supplement enhances circulation, supports youthful memory & cognition, and encourages healthy neurotransmitter function.   
  3. Natures Way Ginkgold Dietary Supplement - Natures Way Ginkgold Dietary Supplement supports memory, focus, and mental sharpness, provides antioxidant support and supports healthy circulation. Ginkgold also supports healthy blood flow and circulation to the brain and extremities helps maintain blood vessel tone and provides antioxidant protection against free radicals and oxidative stress, which can impact the health of the brain and blood vessel tissues.  

AdultFocus Vitamin Supplement


Life Extension Cognitex Elite Tablets


Natures Way Ginkgold Dietary Supplement



Studies agree that flexing and expanding our minds daily is the best way to sustain our cognitive abilities and ever improve our acuity. So, try a few of these games and nutritionally support your body as best you can. Your brain will thank you!   


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