Use Your Maternity FSA Dollars Before They Expire

Use Your Maternity FSA Dollars Before They Expire

A mother’s job is never done, but unfortunately your pretax FSA dollars do expire at the end of each year. For those who contribute to a Flexible Spending Account or FSA for medical expenses, making sure you use your FSA dollars before they expire means getting the most out of your healthcare account. Identifying qualified maternity products that allow you to optimize your FSA spending may seem complicated but we here at HPFY can point you to a great deal of medical aid and maternity products that are FSA eligible and might meet your needs.

10 Best Maternity Products for Mommy

The first step in maximizing your pretax FSA dollars is understanding what you might need as your pregnancy progresses. Your OB/GYN can give you guidance into what you may or may not require in order to have the next nine months and after go smoothly. Maximizing your FSA contributions means using them before they expire before the end of the year. For expecting mothers this means possibly thinking a little ahead in order to maximize the current year’s FSA pretax contributions. Some maternity products that are FSA eligible can include:

1. Nutrition Now Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

These gummy prenatal vitamins are easy on the stomach and provide expecting mothers with a multivitamin formula that is a great source of folic acid and DHA. With ingredients like blueberries and carrot concentrates, these are a great tasting alternative to larger, hard-to-swallow tablets.

2. La Leche League Plush Lined Wireless Nursing Bra

The seamless cups and V-neck line of this nursing bra is made from 88% nylon and 12% spandex, while the lace is made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex for a comfortable, wireless fit. The easy-to-use nursing clips have a cotton sling that can be used with just one hand for easy and discrete nursing. With padded shoulder straps and an encased bottom band, all-day comfort is ensured!!


3. AT Surgical Full Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt Side Closure

  Designed to alleviate pregnancy induced lower back pain and discomfort by supporting the lumbar and abdominal regions with soft, flexible fabric to accommodate the growth of your baby throughout the term. Wear discreetly under the clothes, or over a tank top or cami for additional comfort. It features an easily adjustable Velcro side strap that can fit growing belly.

4. Ardo Calypso-To-Go Double Electric Breast Pump

Designed to be used by women who are lactating, this breast pump features an independent vacuum and cycle adjustment with a total of 64 settings. The “vacuum seal technology” creates a closed system that is designed to have no milk in the tubes or pump, while the three sizes of breast shells ensure that every mother has the right size to suit her nipple. The double pump creates an efficient and comfortable pumping experience and it can be used on battery power or an AC adapter.


5. The Brobe Maternity Mommy Brobe

Made from luxurious fabric, this versatile nursing robe bodies a flattering fit and provides comfort and support for mom and baby through pregnancy, birth and beyond.The hook and eye, super supportive nursing bra makes for easy access during breastfeeding and is detachable to wear throughout the day.

6. Medline Curad Disposable Nursing Pads

Designed to be soft and comfortable for nursing mothers, these nursing pads are super absorbent and feature an adhesive strip to prevent slippage. The contoured shape provides an excellent fit and ensures comfort. They are latex free and even though they are highly absorbent they wick moisture away from mom’s skin.


7. Wiseways Herbals Beautiful Belly Balm

Containing natural ingredients such as oils of sesame, coconut, cocoa butter, and vitamin E makes this natural balm excellent for dry skin during pregnancy. It is ideal for keeping the belly supple and moisturized due to natural ingredients and essences such as Garnet Gem and Manzanita flower.

8. Ameda Evenflo ComfortLan Pure Lanolin Cream

Using the purest lanolin available, this cream soothes tender and sore nipples for breastfeeding moms. Simply wash hands with soap and water and then apply a pea-sized amount with your fingers to your nipple area after breast-feeding or as needed. It is made from 100% USP modified white lanolin and medical-grade liquid lanolin. The all-natural ingredients mean it is safe for mom and baby and it doesn’t require removal before breast-feeding since it is hypoallergenic and taste free.


9. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bag

These BPA free stora​ge bags have heat sealed seams to prevent them from tearing, splitting, or cracking and allows for the refrigerating or freezing of breast milk. This makes storing, transporting, or heating of breast milk convenient and hygienic. This can also allow mom to get some well-deserved rest and let dad or someone else feed the baby!! The large area on these storage bags make labeling and dating simple and easy.

10. Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter

Ideal for moms who have inverted or flat nipples to allow their babies to latch on to ease engorgement naturally. This everter gently draws out flat/Inverted nipples in a noninvasive manner so that babies can latch on easier. Easy to use and clean, this nipple everter is BPA and BPS free and comes with two flange sizes to ensure a proper fit.


You contribute on a regular basis to your Flexible Spending Account or FSA and you deserve to reap the benefits of it. Simply identify the maternity products that may benefit you the most and be sure to use your pretax FSA dollars to get the most out of this account. Remember, if you don’t use it, you forfeit the money you have contributed.


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